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Market Motive's Advanced email marketing course trains you to develop practical email advertisements. Take this email marketing training to build brand loyalty and help your company build a rapport with its customers.

2.4 million emails are sent every second worldwide, but most of them are never opened. This advanced email marketing training course will teach you how lifecycle marketing, segmentation, email design, deliverability, analytics and optimization come together to create an email marketing strategy that grows your business, and your career

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    Email Marketing strategy and tactics that grow your business, and your career



    Classes covering nurturing, design, optimization, deliverability, and more.



    Hours is all it takes to learn advanced, sustainable email marketing techniques.



    Question exam. Get 45 questions correct to prove your mastery of email marketing.



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    Course Preview

    1. Introduction to Email Marketing
    2. Email as Conversation
    3. Creating the Email
    4. Landing Pages
    5. The Mailing List
    6. Spam and Blacklists
    7. Working with Email Service Providers (ESPs)
    8. Combining Email with Other Channels
    9. Marketing Automation Basics
    10. Advanced Marketing Automation
    11. Metrics & Measurement

    Learn Email Marketing Course with India's Leading Training Institute

     Email marketing is one of the fundamental features of digital marketing training that is used for endorsing companies by delivering emails, newsletters, bulletins. Promoters need to associate with their viewers by using reformed technique and email marketing confirms this in the most appropriate way. Email marketing campaigns use emails for building enduring relationships with potential and current consumers to drive leads and conversions. It is one of the utmost tested tactics for publicizing efforts and no other online marketing component enjoys the presence that email promotion ensures. To gain email marketing, it is important to understand what Email marketing is and how you should involve it in publicity strategy.

    What are the Features of email marketing?

    There are diverse features intricate in email marketing which facilitate to concentrate on your goals and accomplishes the company objectives professionally.

    Newsletter:  Newsletters are delivered by e-mail marketers to get in the list of subscribers and it is used by businesses to connect with their consumers.

    It is a casual letter used in Email marketing campaigns which facilitate for narrating a periodic publication.

    Marketers use newsletter to promote their targeted ads and ensure your newsletter are substantial, educational and bit promotional to catch viewer’s attentions.

    Announcements:  It is a feature that assists sponsors to declare their newly launched product or services via announcements.

    Questions that your Announcements emails should involve are:

    • What is it?
    • Why should I care?
    • What is included?
    • How do I get it?

    Events: Events and email complement each other. The best technique to promote any event is using email and one need to understand email marketing approach to know the best ways to publicize events and invite companies.

    Why Email Marketing is significant for business?

    Email helps to reach broader audiences:  This is been proven by the internet behavior of viewers. When people fill up for a website they have to fill their complete details along with email address to create account or subscribe.  Whether it is social media channels or blog subscriptions, it alerts consumers about the activity like when something innovative is informed on social media networks etc. Email is the essential elements on the net and everyone who uses internet hold an active email address. Thus when it comes to interact with your consumers and viewers, emails plays a critical role to reach broader audiences.

    Email delivers Your Messages: It is easy and appropriate mode to convey messages to the potential audiences through emails. There are varieties of methods to convey your messages through email marketing and interact with prospects. Advertisers know how to interact with their consumers through email and stay in touch with them.

    Email drives conversions: It is been informed that email marketing facilitates to drive more conversion than any other platforms. It can be either in the form of membership, subscribers, contact form, sign-up and so on, the eventual objectives for promoters is to change their audiences into paying consumers.

    Email has higher return on investment:  Email is a money-making platform for promoters and it beat other network so meaningfully when it comes to ROI? It conveys tremendously personalized and reliable messages to their viewers.  Even an advertising message seems to be personalized and enlightening.  Tools like campaigns monitor, Mail Chimp, AWeber, Hubspot, etc. reveals facts driven through combined systems like CRM, customer service solutions etc.

    Emails are the chosen communication channel: Social networking platforms are very private form of interactions which is used to share with their contacts, family and acquaintances. People upload their images, shares stories with their families.  Emails on the opposing, is a much more dedicated method which is used to deliver information about business product or services through that channels.

    Around 85% of the emails spread the potential audiences if people know how to execute email marketing that associate and converts. Joining in an Email Marketing course at TechLibrary would support you to acquire Email Marketing from the industry experts and become specialized email marketers.


      Email Marketing Training FAQs.

      What are the benefits of being certified in advanced email marketing?

      Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools. Email marketing has been successfully used to enhance retargeting efforts and garners a 3600% returns on investment even today. Businesses prefer email marketers trained in concepts like lifecycle targeting and segmentation. Moreover, email marketing requires professionals to walk a thin line between relevant and spammy and trained professionals are more adept at this than untrained professionals.

      Is the advanced email marketing training up to date and relevant?

      We strive to give our students the latest and highest-quality content possible. Our team of instructors is consistent in updating their course material to meet prevalent trends. We analyze and consider every change that occurs in the market, and we infuse these changes into our curriculum.

      How long does the email marketing course take to complete?

      It takes about 15 – 20 hours on average to complete this advanced email marketing certification course.

      How much can I potentially earn as a certified email marketing professional?

      As an email marketing professional, you could potentially earn up to 3,00,000 a year, according to Payscale.

      Which institute gives me the email marketing certification after I complete the course?

      Once you complete the Advanced Email Marketing course, you will get a certification of completion from TechLibrary

      How much does the email marketing certification training cost?

      The advanced email marketing training course from Market Motive costs 8500/-

      Is the cost of the email marketing certification training inclusive of the exam fee?

      The cost of TechLibrary email marketing certification course includes the TechLibrary exam

      Do I have to order any email marketing course material?

      Our email marketing training course has it all. Participants taking our class are also given access to downloadable workbooks and end of chapter quizzes to complement their enriching video lessons

      What is the scope of finding jobs in the digital marketing industry?

      For experienced digital marketers, the job market looks bright and rosy. According to LinkedIn, there are about 40,000+ digital marketing positions in various specialties of digital marketing. In recent times, the number of digital marketing jobs has increased while the number of skilled professionals has not, leading to a boost in demand for qualified professionals in this domain

      How do I enroll in this email marketing program?

      Enroll in our program by logging into our course page and pay online using any option given below. You will be emailed a receipt after making the payment and can access the course after that.

      Visa Credit or Debit card


      Cash / Cheque

      What happens if I don’t pass the email marketing exam?

      TechLibrary course ensures that participants are trained to clear the exam on the first go. In case you don't, you can take it once more without an additional charge.

      Can I extend the access period of the email marketing course?

      Yes, We dont charge any additional fees for our existing students. Its a one time fees with lifetime query support.

      Whom should I contact if I have trouble accessing the online course?

      Contact our Support team using the Help & Support link, in case of any trouble. You can also use the Live Chat link to chat in real-time with one of our Support team members

      Whom should I contact to learn more about this email marketing training program?

      Contact us using the form on the right of any page on the TechLibrary website, or select the Live Chat link. Our customer service representatives will be able to give you more details.

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