Facebook Marketing & Advertising Certification Training

Gain a thorough knowledge on the various aspects of Facebook. Learn how to make the best use of this social media site using the latest marketing strategies.

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More than 1.8 billion people use Facebook to connect with people and discover things. Millions of businesses are using Facebook each day to drive discovery, generate leads, boost sales and earn loyalty to stay on top of customer’s mind.

Why learn Facebook Marketing

  • Find new customers

  • Increase your sales

  • Generate demand for your product

  • Generate leads for your business

  • Build relationships to keep your business on top of user’s mind

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    Facebook Marketing Course Components

    In this course you will learn:

    Salient Features of Facebook Marketing

    1. Weekly delivery of 14 hours of pre-recorded sessions by the expert trainers followed by 6 hours of in-class exercises

    2. Careful preparation of 20+ hours of hands-on exercises and case studies to work and grow your business

    3. Training content created by Facebook. Learn the latest tools and techniques used for Facebook Marketing

    4. Certification from TechLibrary and Facebook

    5. 24X7 Lifetime discussion support

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      Why Certified Facebook Marketing Course?

      Pre-recorded Content

      Weekly access of pre-recorded sessions by Facebook trained trainers. Move at your own pace, rewind to review portions, and skip through sections you already have understood.

      Quizzes & Hands-on Projects

      Quizzes and projects to test what students have learned. Immediate quiz feedback and the ability to re-run sessions help clarify points of confusion.

      Live Sessions

      Instructor-led online live session where participants can collaborate and put into practice what they learned from pre recorded sessions.

      Research Based Internship

      To deepen your understanding of various Concepts, Tools & Case Studies, you will do research and present your research as blog posts which will go live.


        Learn Facebook Certification Course with India's Leading Training Institute

        Facebook is one of the top social networking channels that captivate more than 2.6 million consumers all across the world. Willing to stand on the top-notch of the ladder online then it is essential to have robust Facebook presence. Over the past couple of years, Facebook marketing has become more and more competitive.  It endures to be the winning champion of social media platforms where more than 2.6 billion people use this website to connect with friends and find out things online that matter.  It has evolved into a spot for businesses to promote themselves through communications with users and self-promotion.

        Why do people learn Facebook Marketing?

        Whether it’s a big organization or mid-local business, Facebook is a leading marketing tool that assists to find new consumers, discover online, drive leads, increase sales, form long lasting relationship with them and earn reliability to stay on top of consumer’s mind. It’s a great space to keep users updated, grow brand identity and develop your reach.  This cohesive Facebook marketing course module will provide everything you need to get started, plus beginner’s will acquire the finest skills with valuable tools that take their efforts to the succeeding level.

        At Techlibrary digital marketing counselors will support suggests and guides you through the complete prospects with its advantages and disadvantages. Reorganized resources are given to the learners to learn how to utilize Facebook, so that they can come up with best campaigns that drive business results.  We provide training activity on everything right from campaign optimization, to creating a business page and community, add post, upload pictures, and use video on Facebook to effective ad measurement solutions.

        Facebook ads are exceptionally valuable thus it is significant to learn each and every feature of the modules and our trainers guide you to reach your prospective audiences through the free/paid campaigns. We also assist you to acquire how analytics tool plays a key role in Facebook marketing campaigns. We are dedicated to support students, marketers, entrepreneurs and businesses with all sizes to prosper with Facebook, which means providing outstanding education, service and support.  Facebook Blueprint certification is a skilled qualification that Facebook delivers to the individual who have profound knowledge of cutting-edge elements of Facebook campaigns.

        Facebook has changed the way we communicate online to a whole new level such as:

        70% of consumers who “Like” brand page do so because they have either purchase, used or experienced the product or services. While 30% have visited the site to view the deals of the product or services.

        • Over 360 million photographs uploaded to Facebook each day.
        • The average Facebook users have more than 235 friends.
        • Post and pages on Facebook are liked 4.7 billion times every day
        • Over 780 million users access the network on mobile devices each month.

        Thus if you want to succeed from your rivals: than you have to grabs the millions of eyeballs by presenting your Facebook marketing skills in a different way. Learn Social media concept from Techlibrary based in the prime locations in Thane, Navi-Mumbai and Mumbai cities.

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        We provide industry recognized certification in digital marketing recognized all over India in any industry.



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        Missed Class, not a problem at all. Yes, we do provide 12hrs free back-up classes.


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