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      Google algorithm updates and their importance

      Google keeps changing its ranking algorithm frequently but these several changes are considered to be little twisted whereas others are enough to shake the search engine result pages.

      It is primarily important for the search marketers to keep an overview of major updates by Google as it can affect their organic website traffic as well as rankings.

      This section will introduce you to some important Google algorithms and frequent updates by it.

      Major Google Algorithm Updates In 2020

      Featured Snippet De-duping: This was introduced on January 22, 2020. With this, Google also removed the URL from showing elsewhere in the core search results when it is displayed in the featured snippets.

      Google has considered Featured Snippets as a promoted organic result. That's why it has some major implications for organic CTR and rank tracking.

      January 2020 Core Update:  January 13, 2020, marks the introduction of this. A significant core update was turned around by Google with MozCast to show huge variability in the past three days.

      Also, it witnessed a high temperature of 97°F, and this specific change is again line-up with the previous three core updates.

      Google Algorithm Updates In 2019

      International BERT Roll-Out: Google introduced this on December 9, 2019, and announced a natural language processing algorithm that will be rolling out internationally in about 70 languages.

      Google confirmed this news. After the speculations from the search engine optimization (SEO) community,

      BERT Update: Google introduced BERT Update on October 22, 2019, to effortlessly support the NLP or natural language processing model. Along with the underlying hardware, Google indulged in the modifications of their algorithm.

      Unnamed Update: Google introduced this Unnamed Update on October 22, 2019. SERP trackers were registering for numerous days for the ranking flux with MozCast which shows early signs specifically on October 2.

      Also, on October 4, Google did not confirm the update of its peaking at 98°F.

      September 2019 Core Update: This was also introduced by Google on September 24, 2019. It was measured at 97°F on Mozcast. That's why it was believed to have a great influence over sites. But there were no other updates by Google regarding this.

      Maverick Update: It was introduced on July 12, 2019. Webmaster chatter and ranking trackers marked down the heavy instability for a week. On July 16, it was reported that MozCast peaked at 95°F.

      Later, the search community honoured this update with a new title as a “Maverick” update. But this piece of news was not confirmed by Google and therefore, the details were limited.

      Site Diversity Update: This particular update claims that it can improve the situations of the sites when it will contain more than two organic listings and was introduced by Google on June 6, 2019.

      Some Other Updates in the Year 2019

      • June 2019 Core Update
      • Indexing Bugs
      • Deindexing Bug
      • March 2019 Core Update
      • 19-Result SERPs
      • Unnamed Update

      Final Words

      So, now we know about the role Google Algorithm updates play and its effects on organic search results and also rankings of a particular website.

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