Linkedin Training Course For Marketers

Grow your network and your career with LinkedIn. Learn how to use LinkedIn to rock your profile, find your next job, generate leads, start social selling, and connect with important influencers online.


LinkedIn, has 332 million active users out of which 26 million are in India, is one of the best social media channels through which you can spread your content and drive traffic to your website or blog


Following the course you will understand how companies are using Linkedin as a lead generation and marketing tool.

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    Linkedin Marketing Course Components

    In this course you will learn:
    • Setting up a LinkedIn Profile

    • Growing your network

    • Techniques and Tactics of Posting Content

    • Getting leads from LinkedIn

    • Benefits of groups

    • Types of LinkedIn groups

    • Searching and joining relevant groups

    • Group moderation

    • Benefits of a Company Page

    • Setting up of a Company Page

    • Promoting of Company Page

    • Understanding Company Page insights and analytics

    • Monitoring and Tracking techniques on Comments

    • Using LinkedIn Advertising


    Digital Marketing on Linkedin

    By the end of this course student(s) will have mastered Linkedin Marketing


    Students will have a thorough understanding of all critical areas of Linkedin marketing


     Students will be able to drive geo-targeted keyword traffic to their profiles and websites


    Students will have the ability to download all course materiel to their desktop, laptop or tablet device

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        Learn Linkedin Certification Course with India's Leading Training Institute

        LinkedIn is the one of the preferred professional social networking site that associates colleagues with each other and business with current and potential employees. In short, it’s a one stop solution for job postings, sharing content and gathering business influences. LinkedIn has inspire to build authority, establish leadership and cherish a strong setup. Join Techlibrary a digital marketing institute to take a glimpse behind screen and get the idea of LinkedIn course Program that is appropriate for your business!

        Why You Should Learn Integrated LinkedIn Marketing Course @ TechLibrary

        Nurture your network and boost your career with LinkedIn. Learn how to use LinkedIn to astonish your profile, search your following job prospect, generate leads, start social marketing, and unite with important influencers online. Apart from hiring efforts, LinkedIn is an exceptional spot for a diversity of valuable social activities to improve your business.

        Business development: It is an captivating platform for generating B2B leads that enhance the conversion rates when compare to Facebook and Twitter. Your objective may fluctuate but this definitely specifies the platform is one that comes with multitude of great prospects.

        Here are the following tips that give spotlight to your business:

        • Keep your business page up-to-date
        • Make appropriate use of product and service fame
        • Ask recommendation for your products

        Forming yourself as an individual and brand will form credibility and loyalty among customers. Therefore LinkedIn features set can simplify brands stay informed on user’s professional sites, in addition to form a business presence and share co-operates news.

        LinkedIn has changed the way people interact online to reach a professional world to whole new level such as:

        This leading platform is available in 20 languages involving English, French, German, Italy, and ao on.

        More than 57 million advertisement are pitched every week.

        According to recent stats two new members added to LinkedIn every second.

        78 million monthly exceptional visits are monitor in this platform.

        More than 3.9 million corporate firms have LinkedIn company pages.

        40% of exclusive visit come from mobile apps.

        Learn the most in demand business, practises and ground-breaking skills from industry authorities who have years of experience in digital field. Learn how to explore LinkedIn skills for personal use and professional use. Both have different visions and different ways to begin in this networking site. AT Techlibrary, Our consultant assist, guide and advise the correct approach to start with your career and glitter like a star. No matter how tough the rivalry is, one should always exemplify yourself and company brand in a distinctive, innovative and conceptualized way.

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