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      What is the best way to learn Google Analytics

      Nowadays to monitor the performance of websites many marketers are making use of different marketing analytical tools. But the most popular among all is Google Analytics a free Web analytics service that provides visitors data and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes.

      It helps marketers in certain ways:-

      • To strengthen marketing strategies.
      • To create effective marketing campaigns based on insights.
      • Alerts about various modifications.
      • Assists in driving decisions based on data analysis.
      • Notifies about the appropriate key performance indicators.

      Now let me introduce you to best ways to learn Google Analytics

      1. Take the help of tutorial videos.
      2. Study at Google Analytics academy
      3. Subscribe to certain blogs for updates.
      4. Get your hands ON- use it.
      5. Take the help of tutorial videos

      Digital web is flourished with lots of tutorial videos to learn Google Analytics.

      You can go to Youtube and search for google analytics training for beginners. You will find several videos on this like WsCube Tech (Youtube channel)

      Also, you can watch tutorial videos on Google Analytics YouTube Channel, there you will get lots of helpful videos and some quick tips too.

      1. Study at Google Analytics academy

      This is one of the effective ways to learn Google Analytics is through Google Analytics academy.

      This provides various courses on Google Analytics that you can primarily to garner knowledge plus you can take notes for a quick look through when in need. The two most important ones are Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced Google Analytics.

      Taking this course will become more beneficial if you have any website where you can apply all your learnings.

      1. Subscribe to certain blogs

      To get updated with Google Analytics' latest features you can follow some bloggers who can provide you the information regarding updates.

      Subscribe these blogs:-

      • Analytics talk - This blog belongs to Justin Cutroni-the the analytic advocate at Google. So it will be beneficial for you if you follow him as he at a great position and can provide accurate information regarding Google Analytics.
      • Google Analytics official blog - The official blog of GA keeps its readers updated about features and looks at issues around conversion and social media and features case-studies of Analytics users.
      • Web analytics world - This blog has a separate section Google Analytics where it provides an important piece of information as well as tips over certain tools to its users.
      • Optimize smart - Run by Himanshu Sharma he provides info on PPC, SEO, and analytics plus a web analytics training course.
      1. Get your hands ON-apply it

      At this point maybe you have a different set of knowledge about Google Analytics but this knowledge will only be beneficial when you will apply it. Because learning by doing is more profitable.

      If you have a website then you can add the Google Analytics tracking code to your site, if you don't have any website and still want to learn then there is no need to worry because Google Analytics provides a free demo account for the beginners to practice and pull up their skills. And this is probably a great way to learn it without even paying

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