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      Will automation affect digital marketing field/jobs?

      Automation has been there with us since long back. And in the digital marketing sector, it's not newly introduced. Even though it was introduced few year back but searching automation benefits and side effects on digital field is always a curiosity.

      Automation in the digital marketing arena is increasing gradually and it helps the large part of domain. Sometime it takes longer period of time to process. It reduces the work load and facilitates the workers in their respective work level. Though there will be some major changes due to the acceleration of technology. As per reports around 50% of workers will require to upgrade their skills to walk with new technology.

      But as for now, marketers and sales jobs are secured but what future holds that no one can predict exactly. As per the analysis, digital marketing job security depends on the person skill sets and experience. People have to upgrade their skills and eventually devote their time frame to get their work done.

      If properly analyzed, then there are certain parameters that you can't ignore like for example any e-commerce company when doing any festive season sale it does requires Google ads, social media, and newsletters for promotion which is more a manual job by a marketer. Digital marketing is mainly based on creativity and thus automation must not be looked upon as a scary monster instead you should learn how to deal with it.

      Shortly the large industries will have automatic models that can answer every certain query and even provide decisions based on the data analyzed by them. But mostly these automated models will be used for data collection (like we have scrapers to do this) and data analyses for which there are several analytical tools (that can be easily analyzed by any amount of Digital marketing data in just a few clicks of Software’s).

      And in the content writing field, various tools are used by several big bulls, the list includes Yahoo, Microsoft, Tableau and these companies are producing billions of articles every year with the help of content writing tools. And I will probably not deny the fact that these tools can produce interactive content similar to humans. But this is also true that whatsoever images or words they use but they may not effectively handle the changing human interests and behavior.

      With this, I wrap up on my part of disclosing the facts about the threat of automation in digital marketing field. Now the ball is in your court - how you feel about this, your perspectives may have a different angel for this but certain things will remain unchanged as no one can change the reality. It will be better if you start working upon yourself right from this moment because it's NO or NOW!

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