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      Keyword research for SEO: the ultimate guide

      Keyword research is the blueprint of your digital marketing efforts; your every decision revolves around it from your content plan to snippets. It helps in making everything efficient. When you know which keyword is relevant to your website then it will help you in getting qualified leads and a better return on investment.

      So, that's when you do keyword research you can find which phrases are popular and valuable to your website.

      Understand keyword research

      Keyword research is simply a process to find the right words and phrases that people use in search bars, with intent to create a highly valuable content that can lead to ranking for those words in search engines.

      To understand the reader's intention SEO experts make use of keyword research.

      Keywords, and their search volumes, tell you a few things:

      So, here are the following tips that you can use to create content.

      The problem of your audience: - if a huge portion of people is using the same phrase then it means that it is a common problem to all. You should take advantage of it and start creating your content around that phrase.

      The language used by them: - It's not necessary that your audience will use the same language to describe a problem they might use some other way of expressing it. So, understand which words your readers might use to express a problem and make use of this keyword research in order to create compelling content.

      Trending topic: - It's your duty to check which topic is stealing the limelight, this way you can identify the search term which is becoming familiar among people, and as a result you can build your content around that.

      These above-mentioned tips are not to find out the keywords but to make you understand what your audience really wants so that you can make user-friendly content.

      Understand what your readers are asking:

      Here are certain platforms that provide you quick access into your reader's world.

      Forums: forums are the most efficient way to get to know what exactly your readers want. Forums are a place that provides access to the users to discuss certain topics. Besides you may learn about the language used by the readers to describe a problem.

      Quora: Quora provides users a platform to ask a question after getting logged in. Here anyone can answer the user's problem. If you want then you can provide the link of your webpage as well which is relevant to the user's problem. There are other sites as well like Quora, but Quora is probably the biggest.

      Unlike forums, question and answer sites provide you access to both past and present popular content. You just need to type your topic in search bar-use filter to narrow down the topics, once you get the results to follow the topic to get new questions in the upcoming days.

      Faqfox: Faqfox is a tool that can help you in getting a list of keyword ideas that you can get by entering a keyword in the search bar.

      Keep an eye over your competitor’s keyword

      A small fish survival in the sea is difficult but not impossible. Just like this a new website can face the same problem from large popular websites. But if draw out some strategy then it may survive.

      Sometimes large websites get displayed in SERPs for any other keywords which are not that relevant for their website. You can steal that keyword and can build content around it which is more targeted. It is little difficult to perform, but may provide better results.

      Keyword research and competition go hand in hand. You may get a long list of keywords through various methods mentioned above. But when the ball is in your court you have to analyze the competition level for each keyword, like how many people are behind a particular phrase. If you are new then go for the least targeted and common for all. It may provide you better results.

      Wrap up

      When you follow these following methods then it will be helpful for you to create a content that will be crawl able by the search engine.

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