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      Ways to increase Instagram engagement

      In quite some time Instagram has become a new platform to share photos, videos, and other entertaining stuff. Even people are using it to promote several things like movies, contests, products, services, places, etc. And if you really want to use it to the full advantage then it's necessary for you to have a good range of followers because without this you can’t excel on Instagram.

      So, here I will be sharing some ways through which you can increase your followers.

      Post consistently

      The main and the vital way to increase Instagram followers are to keep them engage in liking and listening to your Instagram posts. For that, you must post consistently.

      There must be not much time gap in posting any content regarding the previous content. If you don’t post consistently then your followers might switch to other pages or may unfollow you. There is a probability of any of these two situations.

      According to the studies, the favourite spot is a consistent of 1to 2 posts per day. This way you can keep your posts fresh and relevant and you will get more opportunities to turn faces.

      Post with a clear motive

      One thing that you should always keep in your mind while posing any content is that your post must aim something. It should motivate your followers or group of people to follow the product or service you are promoting.

      Try to leave a suspenseful impact on your followers so that they eagerly wait for your posts. And then clear it with conclusion posts. The one who will see later posts firsts, these followers will surely go in search of the former post or vice-versa.

      Also your Instagram stories and post should be woven in a way that it does not degrade the other’s Instagram content.

      Choose the right hash tags

      When you select a right hash tag for your post then it means that you have pretty good chances of appearing at the top otherwise your post may sink down to the lower end without any traces.

      This shows that how important hash tags are for an Instagram post. Actually these hash tags are your posts location tag that can help the other audience as well as your followers to discover you.

      And I don’t think anyone can feel a headache in using a hash tag as they are not that much difficult as compared to keywords.

      In other words, hash tag can actually be your posts best friend that will help it to grow and come forward to the audience.

      Use videos and stories

      While Instagram was introduced as a photo-sharing platform but with time it has provided different features that may help you to get your follower's attention. Like it has story sharing (which remains for 1day) you can use this for a quick announcement or to take your followers from story to post. You can also add background music to any photo on the story and post videos on Instagram feed.

      You are very well aware that you can attract your followers with creative videos so Instagram is a place that can help you to show such. Use the live feature of Instagram to appear right at the front of the stories feed.

      Post at your best time

      After using Instagram for more than 5 years I realized that there is no perfect time to post on it. Instead, each one of you has your own best time. If you really want to know when your followers are most active then you can check this by tapping on your profile photo-Instagram insights (bar chart icon)-go to the follower's section and tap on seeing more. At the bottom of the page, you can see the days when your followers are most active.

      Wrap up

      So, if you follow these simple ways then you can surely get the most number of people searching for your Instagram page.

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