TechLibrary and Google Tag Manager Course: a dynamic pair to step up in your dream heaven

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Digital marketing increases on data. No matter what type of site you have, whether it’s a large e-commerce site, a private website, or a site for a small business, it’s crucial to know how people communicate with your site. Google Analytics can contribute a lot of the valuable insights you’re looking for, but when used alone, it does have its flaws. But by tagging your site and using Google Tag Manager in connection with Google Analytics, you’re able to assemble much more data than you can otherwise.

Tags are fragments of code which are added to a site to assemble knowledge and send it to third parties. You can use tags for all sorts of ideas, including scroll tracking, controlling form submissions, conducting surveys, generating heat maps, remarketing, or tracking how people appear at your site. They’re also used to monitor particular events like file downloads, clicks on certain links, or items being lifted from a shopping cart.

Sites generally apply several different tags and the amount of code required to create them all can be pretty amazing, especially if you’re trying to add or edit tags by going straight into the site’s source code. Google Tag Manager is a tool with a user-friendly, web-based interface that clarifies the method of working with tags. With GTM, you’re ready to add, edit, and cripple tags without having to touch the source code.

While GTM is, clearly, a Google product, it’s simply limited to just working with tags for other Google services like AdWords or Analytics. You can use it to handle several different third-party tags, like social media marketing including Twitter, Bing Ads, Crazy Egg, and Hotjar, just to name a few. If there’s another tag which doesn’t have a template in GTM, you can attach your own custom code.

  • Google Tag Manager is a basic skill of any technical digital marketer or analyst
  • Google Tag Manager probably isn’t something that keeps you up at night, admiring where you’re falling short skills. But if you’re in digital marketing, maybe it should be.
  • Google Tag Manager is a command centre for your online data

What is a tag manager, anyway?

It’s like a control centre for your data. If you’re performing without a control centre, you’re not accepting all the value out of your data review and analysis.

Maybe you’ve even installed Google Tag Manager and began to play around with it, but you recognised it wasn’t as spontaneous as you first thought. This is common. Thing is, while some of the basics are easy to get down (setting up tags, for instance), the power of Google Tag Manager goes far beyond these things. But even with some introductory skills, you can do some awesome things with GTM.

This training program from Tech Library will give you:

  • Information on how to use Google Tag Manager to extend third-party tracking scripts.
  • The ability to set up tracking without having to rely on a developer.
  • A system you can quickly use to make sure all of your tags (HotJar, Optimizely, Mixpanel, etc.) stay prepared.
  • Google Tag Manager initiates up new worlds for you with analytics and optimization

Wouldn’t it be nice to interpret cross-domain tracking so your data is actually valuable? To set up custom events and variables to track on page activity with elevated granularity? To allow your marketing team to use tags without calling over a developer to help out?

Google Tag Manager explains so many of the most basic problem marketers have with analytics.

Playing around by yourself can be relevant, but it’s so much more experienced to watch over an expert’s shoulder as they show you the ins and outs, the most prominent and powerful use cases, of Google Tag Manager.

Tag management is comparatively new in the great scheme of the digital marketing world. It’s only going to become more and more valuable to know and master in the years to come, notably if you’re in digital marketing.

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