How to drive traffic to your website using digital marketing tactics

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Own a website? Thinking how to increase traffic to your website?  Here we give you some incredibly easy ways to achieve this.

Let’s have a look at these 7 easy to drive traffic to your website.

Create my business listing

Make sure your listing has all the information that is necessary, to a customer.  You should put the very crucial information about your business which will help a potential customer in making a decision. Since GMB can happen at a variety of places thus increasing your chances of showing up. With some simple steps, you are all set to work with GMB.

Go Social

If you are into B2B, Twitter and Google+, are something which you should frequently use to promote your content on. For those of you who are a B2C company, you can use Pinterest and Instagram to promote your business.  Here’s advice use as many social channels as you can, this creates awareness about your business, which will lead to more conversions in the future.

Incorporate On-Page SEO

Create plenty of internal links, make use of image alt text, and don’t forget meta description. These simple ways will get you more traffic and the best part is that it does not take much time for optimizing your website for on-page SEO

Consider guest blogging

Yes, you read it right!

Blogging can never go out of trend. Posting your blogs on some reputable websites will fetch you decent blog traffic. Guest blogging is a two-way process. While you can post blogs on other people’s website you can also invite other business owners who are in the same fraternity as you to post on your website.

Make your website responsive

With the invention of smartphones and tablets, we cannot deny this fact that we are very much hooked to these devices. Keeping this in mind you should design your website which is compatible with all these new devices and of course desktop.

Make your website fast

A couple of seconds are all that a viewer will wait for your website to load. Your website should be technically optimized. Every image every page of your website should be optimized so as to help it load quickly. The sooner your site loads, the better for your business.

LinkedIn the new Facebook

LinkedIn has been around for over a decade now. It has drastically changed over the years. LinkedIn has evolved from being the sole professional networking site; it’s more than it now. One can boost traffic and at the same time make contact within your industry.

Do not ignore your email list

Email marketing is a very traditional approach and is ignored by many folks. Let me tell you it’s inexpensive and profitable at the same time. You should not bombard people with emails. A friendly email reminder once in a while will be enough to make them aware of your presence.

Add new images to old posts

Adding images to your pages will give your pages more views basically boost your views. Use weekly snaps if you are not a graphic designer. It will send you 20 photographs every day, and you can use it however you want to.

Reuse an old content

Audiences only want content which is timely sent with good quality. You can change the content not entirely, let’s say for example you change the examples written or you change the headline of it. This will be new content for your audiences. You can have a new content by a few of these things, updating your post with new findings, making a video out of your old piece if work or record it as podcast episodes.

It’s for you to choose from these endless ways. Make sure you do these things rightly and wholeheartedly, it’s only when you see the fruits of your work.

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