How to keep your Digital Marketing Teams Productive during Pandemic Crises?

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During the global crises, more and more advertising teams are working from their comfort zone, away from the well-organized office work environment.  Digital marketing can be operated in any of the work environment but there are certain small tasks which are difficult to perform and manage from home.

It is extremely difficult to manage all work from home, where there are number of distractions to deal with. But when the world is facing such crises people have to work from home with more productive manner. Let’s understand how you can keep your team productive during these crises:

Make a Room for yourself: When you are assigned a work from your comfort zone then it is crucial to make the separate space at home for your work. To avoid the disturbance and distraction you have to follow the discipline same as office environment. Seems to be little difficult but gradually one can develop the habit of working smoothly from home.

Regular micro meeting can help to fight social isolation:  Dealing with the social isolation for work is very important to get the work done on time and stay safe from these pandemic crises. Sometime it’s very difficult to deal with these isolations thus as a team you should conduct micro meeting on a daily basis to boost power. These small meeting can help to motivate your employees and enhance their skills sets. This not only helps to deal with loneliness but also make them strong to work harder in their respective projects.  Therefore one should keep motivating their employees during this time period to make them smile.

Internal Communication should be more streamlined:  There are certain projects that need to conduct from the comfort zone thus important to stay connected with the rest other member through software. Communication is the one of the key factor that binds the team work and help people to work more efficiently.  As a digital marketing agency one should operate 3 to 4 different communicating software that can help your clients, customers and other people to stay connected.

New success Goals should be created: It is important to create success goals for the team to monitor their ability and achieve the objective in the given time frame. You can assign different goals such as content writing work which can be effectively used for content marketing strategies.  Diverse content can lead to stay connected with your audience in various medium. Come up with reputation management for your business through social media and other platforms. Also enhance your business story and post through Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels.

Conclusion: As we all are facing through tough and difficult times thus it is important to stay at home and be safe.  Keeping social distancing, cleanliness, and spending time with family is the best option to defeat the coronavirus. The above mention tips are just to motivate your team member and get the work done even in this pandemic time period. AT the same time we all have to be motivated, stay positive and safe to manage both business and health.

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