Importance of SEO Strategy in Business

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SEO stands for search engine optimization and this program identifies files in its database based on keywords added by the user and returns results accordingly while there will be some algorithm updates and improvements, some proven tactics are also been practiced. By implementing these tactics on your site, you can improve the odds of ranking. There are two ways to affect the change with SEO on-page and technical.

If you’re new to SEO and you’re looking for an impactful change then you must focus your effort on on-page SEO.

Target long-tail keywords: They are longer and more specific than usual keywords. They usually have lower search volume than shorter keywords but they are very useful.

Long-tail keywords show you why the user had made a particular search and not just what they are looking for. A recent search found that 91.8 percent of all searches are for long-tail keywords.

One reason to target long-tail keywords is they tend to have high search intent. That is because they are more specific.

Use keywords in Alt Text Images: it is a short description of an image. It remains an important Google ranking factor with more than 20 per cent effect on the result. Alt Text has three main uses accessibility, context, search engine optimization.

As the internet has become more accessible, so does the Google algorithm, this means that accessible websites will be prioritized

Over their non-accessible website after all more accessible sites more the potential for traffic.

Use keywords in header: when you place the keyword in the header, you signal to search engines and user that your content satisfies the target intent behind those search terms just as a table of contents provider context to user.

Focus on your user experience: beyond keywords and content, you need to consider your user experience from start to end. Google consider many factors into count when ranking your website one of them is the time spent on the page by the user. If the user bounces from your page within seconds of arriving then it signals Google that it’s not the content the user is looking for.

Including multiple media types: some things can do that indirectly benefits your ranking. One of those is the use of multimedia type across your blog. Beyond images media also include audio files, video files and GIFs these media types are meant to be engaged with and as such increase dwell time on your website.

Finding ways to incorporate video and audio into your blogs can be a great way to improve your user experience and increase their time spends on your site.

Use internal links: Google consider time spent on page when ranking your website. The longer the user stays on your website

The further the funnel they are likely to go. And it also signals to the search engine that your content is high quality and relevant

Every SEO specialist believe that each blog post should include at least 2-5 internal links with most people spending time on their internal and external link strategies

When you link your internal content you drive your users deeper into the site. This increases the odds of them having meaningful interactions with your content.

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