What Does Content Marketing Look Like in 2019?

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Marketing as a concept educed during the Industrial Revolution.  It has set different phases which have impacted the businesses and human life to a great extent. The very early understanding of “Marketing” is of showcasing your goods in a certain manner to attract the consumers, gradually it moved on to verbally influencing people to buy the goods. Over the years, with the advancement in technology and the ability for innovation and scientific understanding, the term marketing has become a much wider subject.

A key aspect of marketing is to create brand awareness and grabs millions of eye balls of your consumers. This lead to a concept called “content marketing”. Existing or new product/service, it needs to be made people aware of its existence. And It can be achieved through effective communications through diverse digital mediums! This, in turn, will create trust amongst the masses for your brand resulting in greater ROI.

What exactly is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a technique which provides valuable, reliable information about your product and services which leads to captivate and winning audiences. A Thumb rule of content marketing is not to portray as something which is constantly being created to sell the product but it should more inspiring and creative that seeks the prospective audience’s attentions. At the same time it creates interest in the final action (product being bought or wanting to experience the offered service).

Why is content marketing crucial?

Couple of years back, we all relied on the salesperson to help us in understanding about the product/service, & later we realize that they brainwash us and most times we end up listening to the salesperson and make the purchase. Today people are much aware of the digital technology and conduct all the research before making any final conclusion about the purchase. Thus traditional style of conveying the messages regarding the product or services are just fading away and people are more relying on the world of internet. In the world of technology Content Marketing comes into picture and helped the marketers to win back their old school tactics.

Businesses have learned that content marketing is much more valuable and therefore should be adopted by all small and large firms as a modern strategy of marketing. To answer the question about why content marketing is so important, let’s consider that you go to a store and you chance upon a new brand, your instincts will force you to buy the same thing but from a well-established brand. This only tells us that trust plays a vital role in the buying process; therefore, content marketing creates the very recognition and awareness about your product.

How is content marketing beneficial?

  • It builds brand recognition which is of utmost significance to any business.
  • Pledges to create customer loyalty
  • Responsible for creating brand awareness
  • Aids the consumer in their purchase decision
  • It is cost effective
  • Works for any industry
  • It drives more visibility

Your content marketing strategy might fail if you…

Do not know what your audience wants

Only stick to one form of content

Your content is not relevant

Fail to understand the 3 R’s: Right content, Right place, and Right time

Piece of advice to all you marketers, if you choose to ignore the power of content marketing you will surely be left behind in the race with your competitors. So pull up your socks and fathom the beauty of content marketing because this can help you expand your brand presence and reach.

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