Why Digital Marketing is a Sensational Topic over Internet?

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Digital Marketing industry is a fast paced industry and is evolving every day. To keep up with the pace and adapt to all these frequent changes businesses have to change their functioning according to the latest developments. Business owners who want to expand their business, take the help of Digital Marketing since it is a relatively budget friendly technique and it has a better reach than the conventional techniques of marketing. With digital marketing you can target your audience well with some amazing tools which are extremely easy to use.

This is the era of communicating with your customers and potential customers to achieve better results.  Cut throat performance competition is making businesses to have a visible presence. Unless you interact with your customer and reach to the crux of their needs you will not be able to fulfill their needs.

Let’s have a look at what benefits digital marketing can offer.

  • It allows you to interact with your clients online-

This has given a lot of liberty to all the business owners to know their customers and make your potential customers aware of your presence.

  • Affordability-

The very important benefit of digital marketing is that its pretty much affordable as compared to traditional methods.

  • Flexibility-

There are varied forms and tools for digital marketing, one can choose as they desire.

  • Easy to measure outcomes-

Digital Marketing tools allow you to have an in-depth analysis of your results. Which make it all the more convincing tactic for marketing.

These are the major reasons behind the acceptance of Digital Marketing.

We never envisioned that we could plan our vacation online or buy things as expensive as gold jewellery online. With our busy schedules we no longer have the time to physically go to store and then figure out what we want. Everything is just a click away. Just so quick and just so convenient for all of us. It is difficult to say if it has made our lives easier or difficult. Since there have been instances where this change has led conflicting decisions.

To understand the scope of digital marketing better, we’ll learn about the different types of digital marketing and why they are so important to businesses.


SEO is an advertising discipline which increases rankings, pushes traffic and growth awareness in search engines.

It is said that including a video post increases organic traffic from search results.

Voice searches are the new thing which consumers have grown fond of.

Pay per click –

This is another model of search engine advertising, which includes advertisers, publishers and different ad networks. Have you noticed different ads while you are reading an article or just searching for anything random? I am sure you must have some or the other time clicked on those ads. Well, as you click on that ad, the advertiser pays a fee to the publisher. It is said that around 60% of people click on Google ads while they are looking for something to buy online.

Content Marketing –

This is a very unique way of marketing; it subtly sells the products, without the consumer actually knowing that they have fallen into this trap. Content Marketing promises to bring in three fold business to companies. Companies that consistently publish blogs have witnessed increased business.

Social Media

Sharing information and interacting with each other sitting miles away from us was never this easy. The very famous information sharing tool, Facebook has a whopping 75% people who are active users. To name a few other social media networks like Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat and  Pinterest all have claimed to be having millions of active users. This has only become possible because of this one fancy gadget that we all have in our hand more than 4 hours a day on an average.

Email Marketing –

Email Marketing and Video Marketing are also two valuable digital marketing tools. Mobile users are bound to check their mails at least 3 4 for times in a day as compared to non mobile users. Well, who does not own a mobile phone these days? 75% of millennial watch more than an hour of videos in an entire week.

I am sure by now you must have understood the worth of Digital Marketing and already decided on incorporating it in your business. But before you blindly take up anything, first research about your target audience and decide what you would want to have from your business if you were a potential customer only then make a digital marketing plan. You will have your own set of challenges but this should not deter you from adopting digital marketing techniques to your business growth. Be a risk taker and combine different techniques, only then you will know what’s working best for you.

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