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Facebook, as the name suggests, became the book for all kinds of faces that one can come across on this planet and took the whole world by storm. Regarded as one of most powerful social networking sites, it was founded by Mark Zuckerberg along with some of his friends and launched on 4th February, 2004. At first, it was only limited to Harvard students. Later it was open for students associated with higher institutions. Gradually anyone above 13 years of age could register to the site. It became a rage among people in no time.

In a jiffy Facebook became an important part of people’s life across the globe. Irrespective of caste, creed, religion, nationalism, colour, age, it became a powerful tool of expression worldwide. It has immensely helped long lost friends to reconnect which no one would have ever thought of.  This medium proves to be the strongest medium of communication. People sitting at different corners of the earth can interact with each other without any distance hampering them. Facebook has brought in a drastic change in everybody’s life. It is a platform for sharing videos, pictures, chats and other kinds of posts. Therefore, Facebook has made reconnecting with old friends, relatives and/or colleagues much easier and fun.

Apart from making lost people meet, Facebook also proves to be a great source of entertainment. It gives its users a number of choices among games to choose from. Some of the Facebook users usually log in only for gaming purposes. Not only games,  Facebook has also launched user friendly apps that people usually use to kill boredom. People, at their leisure time, watch different kinds of videos, read articles, scroll down to see photos for their own entertainment. Besides entertaining videos, posts and articles, people also follow educational posts for the enhancement of their knowledge.

Besides being a social networking site, Facebook also proves to be an excellent tool for social media marketing. It has been a successful channel for intensifying the growth of business or promotions. Many big companies depend heavily on facebook for promoting brands or products. Even the smaller companies try reaching out to the target audience with the help of this platform. Promoting on facebook has become a vital part of marketing as it gives an exposure to a wide base of people or target group. As most of the population of this world is glued to the site, a product makes a niche for itself easily in the minds of the audience in no given time. Organisations have been advertising their products through Facebook Ads which helps in the reaching out of the product or brand to a specific and desired audience. It is a cost effective technology that elevates the product’s sales.

Facebook has been an all rounder. Not only does it serve the purpose of being a platform for communication and entertainment, it also has become one of the most important strategies of marketing a brand. Time and again, it has proved to be a boon for this society and promises to be so in the future. Tech Library

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