A Brief Documentation on Google Bid Management

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The course of raising and lowering your keyword bids in order to ensure that most of your Google Ads (AdWords) are functioning well and procuring results within the stipulated budget set for the respective campaign is known as Google Bid Management. Considering the fact that the bids are one of the essential factors in determining the visibility patterns of your Google ads in search results, Google Bid Management helps you to monitor even the pay rates that you are investing behind PPC campaigns.

While creating a campaign in Google Adwords, different bid management options become available to you. Optimized in a unique way for various AdWords bidding strategies, you can customize your bidding in accordance with each of the results from these options:

Manual CPC

Giving you the maximum flexibility to set the highest cost-per-click amount you wish to pay, Manual CPC works irrespective of working on Google algorithms that calculate your cost-per-click.

Target CPA

Specifying estimated allocation of funds on fixed actions, Target CPA is recommended for the calculative ones who wish to track every single result of their respective ad campaign for which they have bid.

Target ROAS

In Target ROAS, you enjoy the absolute leverage of specifying the kind for the return you are expecting from your advertisements. This option has been seen to work best for e-commerce companies.

Maximize clicks

Maximize clicks works simply on a single function to procure you as many clicks as possible on Google within your budget terrain.

Maximize conversions

Working similarly like Maximize clicks, Maximize conversions differs in a single aspect of maximizing conversions instead of clicks on Google.

 Target search page location

Target search page location enables Google in optimizing the bids you have made in order to get you a specific ad rank.

Target outranking share

Essentially permitting you to make a choice on the grounds of how often you wish to outrank in the competition, Target outranking share is one of the best possible options of Google Bid Management.

Enhanced CPC

Optimizing conversions, Enhanced CPC gives you the flexibility to adjust your bidding up or down.

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