Step by step guide to create a content plan for a blog

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A successful blog is said to something which is informative for your target audience. One should always create content that your audience wants to read. Before sitting down to write a blog ask some questions to yourself. These should be giving you answers about what is your product/service about? Who your target audience is? What do they want to read about? Questions like these will get you a thorough idea on what you should want to write about. It will make your work a little easier when you know everything about your target audience.

You should follow these steps to have an amazing blogging experience.

  1. Your goals should be defined

You should know the purpose behind your blogs, either you want to generate more traffic for your brand, create awareness about your brand or wanting to keep your customers informed about your developments. While there could be many reasons for your blog, these are some of the very important ones. If you don’t have any define goals than that would be difficult for you to identify your failure or success results. Goals keep you motivated throughout your blogging journey, since you know where you want to reach with your blogs. You should also keep in mind that you should not ape other people’s goals since every industry or every product has different demands.

  1. Research your target audience

For some people blogging is an all about their passion, you should never forget that your blog is going to be read by somebody else and not you. You cannot be writing a blog according to your liking but your target audiences liking.

Now you ask a question in your mind, how to ‘know’ your target audience. This is all about who your target audience is? Are they the teens or young people or middle aged people. Every information will have more questions in your mind and you should always find answer to these questions, so that your blog is relevant and informative for your audience. You can take the help of different tools to know what is best for your audience and what your competitors are targeting at.

  1. Do adequate research about keywords

When it comes to keywords, you should always choose words which have less competition but are ranked the highest. After you have decided on your keywords you should be figuring out where you want to place your keywords, in your sub-heading or your title or your content.

  1. Create your content

After you have all of the above research, it’s time to show your creativity at the best. Your content should be fresh and something which is trending. Now that you are considered a beginner, you should always be trying to make your content interesting to read. You can take the help of live examples to explain your topic or use statistics which are related to your content.

  1. Make a content calendar

Your focus should not all be upon the quality of your content, but consistency of your content. If you have a proper schedule for your content, you can invest your time improvising your content rather than making last minute changes. Calendars will also show your progress and will given plenty of time to plan your content in advance.

  1. Take the help of influencers

Have you ever bought or considered buying something which is advertised by a knowing person? That is exactly influencer marketing. You can research about people who are amongst your industry and approach them to promote your product. While this can be sometimes done for free you can offer something in return of your promotion.

Start implementing these steps today.

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