Local SEO Do’s and Don’ts in 2019

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To have a successful SEO plan in 2019, you have to try different combinations. The techniques which might have worked wonders for you a year ago might disappoint you now.

Firstly let’s understand the benefits of local SEO:

  • It declines competition:

Since your main focus is only in your geographical location, you will not have many competitors to face.

  • Increases visibility:

If you follow all that it takes to rank the highest in your locality, then you shouldn’t worry because local SEO will not disappoint you.

  • More Visitors:

Relevance of your traffic will increase when people in your radar will get your company as a search result.

Is your business limited to a geographical area? Do you want to be seen when people are looking for services in your area? Follow these do’s and don’ts to rank higher.

Let’s have a look at what you should do.


  1. Always use unique, fresh content

Keep updating your website with new update frequently, by doing this search engines will favour you. Your content on website should be informative, whilst at the same time providing for what your target audience is looking for. Your content should be unique enough for Google to help you evaluate your page. Focus on your industry keywords and generate content around it.

  1. Evaluate keywords before you use them

Always measure your keyword’s metrics before actually putting them to use. Use online tools to check if the chosen keywords are actually relevant to your industry.

  1. Create a Google My Business

GMB Google my business has become very essential for local SEO. It gives vital information about your business like reviews, location, address, phone number to name a few.

  1. Optimise Images

Images slow down your site, which will hinder your sites performance on mobile devices. Always remember to use alt txt, file name and most importantly if it is relevant to your content only then it should be used.

  1. Encourage reviews

Customers have become very smart these days, they want be sure of the fact that they are investing their money in the right direction. If you encourage your customers to review you, it can help potential customers in their buying process. We always consider experiences of people who have bought a similar product or experienced a services. Hear your customers and always interact with them.


  1. One location should be focused

For business who function from multiple locations, they should make more than one location pages so that it gets easier for people to locate you.

  1. Keyword stuffing should not be used

Care should be taken that you do not use your keyword in every possible space. Google might penalise you for keyword stuffing and this will do more harm to your website.

  1. Chase irrelevant backlinks

Too many links from other websites may seem a little odd to Google. You should not bombard people with your content, it ruins your reputation for sure. When you feature on other websites, your content should be in sync to your industry.

  1. Pay for fake reviews

Fake reviews tarnish your image a lot. People are smart enough to understand what a genuine review is and what a fake review is. So never ever buy your reviews. You should be ready to take up bad reviews as well at the same time working on your flaws will show positive results.

  1. Always make original content

Stealing content from your competitors will get you trolled for it. And if you don’t want to experience that, show your creativity and earn your reputation.

Local SEO is an absolute must in 2019 for business who want to make revenue from their local workings. You should always properly optimise your local business so that your target customers can reach easily.

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