YouTube will Show Subscriber Count in Shortened Form

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YouTube has now this new feature. You have heard it right. Now the subscriber counts will not be shown in exact figures. But they will be shown in an abbreviated manner for those who are having subscribers more than one thousand. Suppose a channel has 5678 subscribers, it will show as 5.6k subscribers until it reaches exact 5700 subscribers.

So are you now wondering whether it is a boon or a bane?

You will soon be able to clear your doubts and realize that it is a boon. Here is how:

It lets a person remain stress-free:

Suppose you are running a YouTube channel. Of course, you will be working hard day in and day out to get more views on the contents that you are posting and to get more subscribers. There are so many strugglers out there on YouTube, who despite working hard and giving their best, are not able to grab more subscribers. When you are able to see the exact count of the subscribers you are obviously supposed to be more stressed regarding how to increase them. Moreover, when you are just a few counts of subscribers away from reaching the target set by you, you tend to be restless during the situation. Also, if you see that your competitors’ subscribers are more in count than that of yours, you are likely to get upset and worried. But now, this feature of YouTube allows rounding off the number of subscribers to keep it stress-free for the YouTubers.

Maintains a positive environment in terms of equality:

When someone is not able to see the exact count of subscribers, no one would consider one as small or inferior to another. This will eventually create a positive environment and promote equality. This new feature of YouTube will also help the YouTubers to concentrate more on creating effective and creative contents rather than just keeping the eyes on the competition. The lesser stress you take, the better the content you make. So, this feature is supposed to be fruitful in bringing some positivity amongst the users.

Maintain consistency:

The YouTube itself said that they have brought this feature to maintain a consistent count of subscribers in the channel, by rounding off the counts, when asked regarding the same on a social media platform. Also, there are many viewers who bully or make offensive comments on the channels having a lesser number of subscribers as compared to another similar channel, even by small counts. But now with this abbreviation, one will be barely able to understand the difference between two channels unless the difference is more than a hundred.

Last words:

Though there have been some disputes regarding this new feature introduced by YouTube, it is actually a good one in terms of enhancing one’s concentration on contents more than on the competitions. A competitive mind is supposed to work less effectively than a free and relaxed mind. So, this feature is definitely a useful one for many users out there.

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