Google Ad Copy Mistakes One should Never Make

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Google Ad Copy is necessary and you need to be attentive while creating it. In fact, it is the only resource useful for making your ads worth your hard work and time.

But, you need to take care of a few things if you want desired outcomes. Here are the most common mistakes that everyone should avoid:

Not using the right words

Never ever use dull keywords. You might be a wordy guy but when it comes to ads, you got to have some tricks. Your wordiness won’t help you out in promotions until you choose the right words. You must know the perfect blend of expression and such words that strikes.

No use of any extensions

It helps in highlighting the ads copy as well as making it clear for the users to understand about the products and services you are providing. Moreover, you should not be avoiding extensions. It is crucial to have the knowledge of extensions and its uses. The time you get acquainted with its working principle, you will easily promote your business to the fullest. So it is like an important component of your ads copy that you must not underestimate.

Keyword stuffing

Google has been consistent in improving each of its items. So, if you are still using the older one, you must be facing difficulties. It is quite a challenging thing to figure out that how you can describe all your offerings in a number of characters. You might not have wished this space so claustrophobic but the fact is that you have to do with what you have been provided with. With the limited characters, people try to put as much keywords as they want and it results in keyword stuffing.

Well, that is not likely to be called as a good idea.

Ignoring the customer’s goal

First of all, you are not here to satisfy your needs. You must become customer centric with the goal when it comes to advertising. In fact, your customers will not have the same choice as yours perform an analysis. Put yourself in their shoes and think what they would look for.  of their search results and come up with a solution to clear their queries. As far as your ads are concerned, keep it specific and get better results.

CTA button missing on ads you must be quite familiar with the Call To Action. But, not every advertisers keep this in their mind.

A huge mistake by neglecting if you have been in this modern advertising techniques, It could result in a huge loss as they are making it.

Even if you have got an amazing ad, you won’t be able to get the most of its benefits without a single button. In fact, you will not wish to let those people away for an appropriate direction.

A couple of words can make a huge difference in your quest of getting the ideal benefits from your ads. Your alignment of the words should be perfect and holds well with the format. Also, it should be relevant to the content.


Google Ad Copy works fine if you have got the knowledge otherwise you will keep repeating the same mistakes again and again.

So, have a look at these common mistakes advertisers make and let us know which one you have avoided to make.

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