Google Ads Announces New Bidding Strategies in the Year 2019

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Having a perfect and most suitable bidding strategy is very important in order to meet your goals. So, if you are targeting to make huge money, you got to remember that by biding only on some particular keywords is certainly not enough. Recently, in the year 2019, Google has introduced many new bidding strategies to best fit the requirements and goals of different campaigns of different business. By following these newly introduced strategies by google, you are sure to make more profit and probably be able to make an income triple the amount of your investment.

Let’s now get into the brief:

Your goals:

On the first note, you need to look deep inside your own goals and targets. You need to be well acquainted about exactly what you want to achieve from your campaign. A thorough understanding of your goals might help you bring out an idea about your bidding strategy.

Remember that not all goals are about attracting more customers and increasing sales. Every business has their goals set, and they are not necessarily same.

If you are wondering what the different types of goals can be, here is a set of examples to let you have an idea about this:

  • You might want to attract more traffic and generate sales.
  • it You just may want to increase more views on what you have posted on the interne
  • It could be that you just want more clicks on your ads.
  • Increasing brand awareness might also be a goal of a business.

Increasing brand awareness might also be a goal of a business so, by determining what exactly you are expecting from your campaign, you might be able to choose the right strategy of biding.

So, as you might have been well -acquainted with your own goals targets by now, here is what to do next.

Choosing the right strategy amongst many:

First of all, you need to keep in mind that there are two major modes of strategies for bidding. The automated mode and manual mode.

First, talking about the manual mode of CPC:

It is a basic mode bidding. Here you need to handpick particular keywords by yourself and the rest of the work will be done by Google itself. It lets you have control over your campaign. But this strategy is considered more ideal for the experts and not for the beginners.

On the other hand, the automated mode google will automatically optimize your bids based on your daily campaign budgets. This awesome feature by google lets you spend correctly and also increases the cost per click.

Enhanced mode:

There is yet another strategy called enhanced cost per click is similar to the automated mode. The only difference is that it has a limit of adjusting your bids by just 30%. If you are worried about the fact that you might spend dollars of money overnight, then this might be the ideal mode for you.

CPM and CPA:

Other than this there are also several other strategies like CPA (cost per action) bidding, CPM (cost per mile) bidding, etc. CPA is the best tool to enhance conversions and CPM lets you adjust the conversions as per your requirements.


With so many exciting and useful features of bidding strategies by google, you can reap better results by your PPC campaign.

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