Interview process made easy with the use of Chatbot

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Chatbots are already being used in the industry for various purposes, such as getting feedbacks for the customers, answering FAQs. Still, the bigger question arises is that, can it really replace the conventional way of taking interviews?

While artificial intelligence is changing the ways in which we perceive our world, the same can be applied for the hiring processes. Such a process can easily be used to save both time and effort, and with the help of automation, the candidates can feel the same realistic communication as that of between two persons.

Programs that are built upon natural language processing and machine learning can mimic the human response, which in turn can give us a huge potential into changing our current hiring processes. While these applications are known as chatbots, what vast access to the database, they can easily provide accurate communication between a human and software.

Implementation of Chatbots

To make the hiring process faster and efficient, chatbots can easily take up all the routine tasks. They can be easily programmed to respond to the questions that are being asked by the candidates, while at the same gathering information about the candidate and let them know about the job role.

Chatbots can also be used as an assistant to speed up the hiring process by shortlisting the candidates according to the company’s requirements. By giving input of the skillsets required, chatbots can scan through all the resumes in a matter of minutes, which could potentially take days if done by the humans. Not only just that, with the help of NLP and ML, chatbots can also put forward recommendations to the hiring team according to the qualifications and experience of the candidates.

The conversational interface of the chatbots can also be helpful for the candidates. For instance, candidates will feel more comfortable while responding to the feedback in the form of chat conversations as compared to that of communication with the recruiter.

Should We Need to Switch into Chatbots?

Now, this is the bigger question that one needs to ask and probably seek the answer for themselves. Although such chatbots are not being used at the moment, there is a huge potential that they might work the same way we have comprehended. With such an efficient chatbot to be used, huge data needs to be collected. And at the initial stage, we cannot rely on the chatbots completely, as a single mistake by them can make a candidate lose the opportunity for the job.

As for the implementation is concerned, we need to switch to the chatbots to save the time and resources that go into the recruitment process, but a recruiter should always be present to crosscheck the results that the chatbot has come up with.


While such chatbots haven’t been developed at the moment, they are still being used in a variety of circumstances. The pace at which mankind is moving, every single minute wasted, seems like missing out an opportunity. With the help of chatbots, evaluation and recruitment process can be made easy, and with emotions out of the line, the recruited candidates. can be efficient with their tasks.

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