Future of Marketing: Chatbots

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What Exactly is a Chatbot?

Whenever we hear the word ‘bot’ or any other sophisticated technology, we tend to overcomplicate thing. So, in simpler words, bots are nothing more than mere computer programs that are bound to automate certain tasks making our life much easier. When these bots are powered by artificial intelligence, it helps them to understand complicated requests, make personalized responses and above all, improved interaction every single time. Such bots are commonly termed as chatbots.

For simpler understanding, chatbots are designed to work on simpler if-else statements, and they respond to every condition they met.

What Makes Chatbots So Special? 

There is something known as the inbound messaging framework, which gives chatbots the advantage of communicating with the customers far better than any other human can do. Some of the advantages of the inbound messaging framework is given below:

  • Smart Connect: Chatbots solve a person’s problem via a messaging app. There is a list of very less connecting time between the consumer and chatbots. Chatbots uses an engaging conversational tone to add rich context.
  • Better Understanding: Chatbots has the ability to filter questions from the conversation. Such a better understanding makes use of the user’s intent in a very efficient way.
  • More Refined: Every single time, a chatbot evolves in itself. According to the user’s interaction, conversational strategies are always optimized to provide the best user experience.
  • Quick Delivery: Chatbots deliver a concise solution which works great at every circumstance. For the majority of the time, the user doesn’t need to leave the messaging app to get what they desire.

Chatbots: Changing the Way We Perceive Marketing

Here is a list of some of the ways in which chatbots are changing the entire marketing industry:

1) Greater Conversion Rate

While in traditional marketing strategies, the conversion is all about making a person click the add, then probably they might turn out to be potential customers. On the other hand, chatbots have the tendency to convert in real-time on an active conversation.

2) Better Customer Insights

If you want to know what goes inside the mind of your customer, chatbots have got you covered. The best thing is that users like to converse with chatbots the same way they do with their family and friends. This clearly makes an opening to learn from their true feedbacks.

3) maximum Personalization

While brands are seeking different opportunities to convert users, there is nothing superior to chatbots. Chatbots provides the ultimate personalized experience like none. The same is also used by companies to learn about their customers. Take, for instance, if you are a teenager, the Sephora’s chatbot on Kik can suggest beauty tips for you.

Final Thoughts

Traditional advertisements tend to push their customers instead of gaining their attention. On the other hand, Chatbots pull their users, making engaging conversations with them. So, if you are a marketer, make sure to implement chatbot into your website. Believe it or not, your business will flourish in no time.

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