Top 5 Famous Indian Bloggers Making huge Profits

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The bloggers basically share their knowledge by their blogs. They write blogs on their own word press website. And can you believe? Some of our Indian bloggers make millions of money by blogging. Some of them left their MNC job for start their own blog website and now they become ideal for us.

Why in India blogging is still not preferred as a good carrier option?

Have you feel trouble in explaining your well wishers about blogging? Or when you said your parents that you want to become a bloggers they advise you to don’t waste your time and join a job as soon as possible.

Some of Indian parents of bachelors have only one solution of all problems ‘Marriage’. They assume that you don’t think about any other vulgar things after marriage and bound to Indian tradition, which is look for a 9-6 job or start any business if possible.

Still there is no awareness of Blogging, Google ad sense, affiliate marketing in India. And we afraid of choose them as our full time carrier option.

So, if you want be a blogger these examples of successful bloggers inspire you to work hard.

There are many bloggers who earns thousands of money, and it is hard to make a top ten list. So we list some top bloggers on the basis of alexa ranking and their popularity in India.

Note one thing the main income source of most of the bloggers is affiliate marketing. And if you still have not started your blog, then buy a domain and hosting and start blogging.

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List of Indian top 5 Bloggers:

Amit Agarwal: He belongs to New Delhi also one of the finest solo entrepreneur who spend maximum hours on internet exploring his skills and creativity on web.  He is one of the well-known Indian blogger who started his career as blog writing and recently he is been awarded by the Google as Google Developer Expert representing Title GSuite and Google App Script.

He has his website which is known as labnol which earn huge amount every month. He explore his skills of writing for the CNBC, Hindustan Times and so on.

Website name : Labnol
Alexa ranking : 15308
Ranking in India : 3226

Harsh Agarwal: Harsh Agarwal is the person who owns shoutmeloud, He belongs to New Delhi and started his website in the year 2008. Just for the new experience he started with his blogging career but later his experiences proves a life changing decision for him.

Today his website shoutmeloud has 1million views per month and earns a huge traffic, name & fame in the industry. His website helps new bloggers to earn money online and guide how to become own boss. An accident change whole life of Harsh. According to his Doctor, He has to spend 7 month on bed. But the gentle was really brave and took this incident as a part of life, utilise his spare time in creating potential blog for the prospective audiences and the entire situation has drastically changed the entire prospective of his career and life.

Website name: shoutmeloud
Alexa ranking : 20248
Ranking in India : 3773

Faisal Farooqui: Faisal farooqui is the man behind mouthshut. He studied from State University of New York at Binghamton. Start his website in 2000 in Mumbai and now he is youth icon. The British High Commission of Delhi announced Farooqui among one of the top 50 Indian young leaders.

Basically Mouthshut is not a blogging website because all content is generated by users. On this platform people put review of many things and millions of people visits daily to read these reviews before purchasing anything.

There are many stories on mouthshut page in which consumer put their review and company take action regarding their problem instantly.

Website name: mouthshut
Alexa ranking: 6227
Ranking in India: 811

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Shradha Sharma: She is the founder, CEO and chief editor of YourStory. She is one of the leading lady entrepreneurs who represent YourStory from 2009 till date.  She has even worked as an assistant vice president at CNBC TV18 and also a brand consultant in Times of India. She belongs to Patna and worked in number of Metro cities like Karnataka and Banglore.  She has completed her graduation from St. Stephen’s college Delhi. Her website covers 60,000 stories and there are millions of readers who spend their time on her site and get inspiration.  She shares stories in 12 diverse languages.

Website name: yourstory
Alexa ranking: 7995
Ranking in India: 891

Deepak Kanakaraju: Deepak based in Bangalore. He started his journey by a blog of bike reviews and Deepak too is fond of bikes. He started this bikeadvice blog in 2008 and this became very famous.

Later he introduced his digitaldeepak blog website, which is based on tips and tricks of digital marketing.

He also sells his courses online and now he is very famous among DM industry. He earns a high amount of money.

Website name: deegitaldeepak
Alexa ranking: 56735
Ranking in India: 2826

Conclusion: These great India blogger has inspired all of us in their respective journey through blogging skills. So now people don’t have to bother much if they love to explore the writing skills with proper marketing techniques.

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