What is Ethical Hacking? Is it a Right Career Choice in 2020?

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What is hacking?

Hacking is the process of entering in anyone system legally or illegally. A hacker can access all the data of any system by attacking the sensitive loose points. After that they can change the data, steal it or repair it, depends on their intention.

A hacker plays with the psychology of people. They use malware to hack the system. They send a coded file containing some bugs by mail or by any medium and when anyone clicks on this, their system being hacked. This is one of the techniques of hacking.

There are two types of hackers- White hat hackers and Black hat hackers.

White hat hackers are basically known as ethical hackers. Many companies hire them to prevent the attacks of black hat hackers.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Cyber crimes increase day by day, with the expansion of e commerce and internet uses. Some black hat hackers hack other software or hardware only for fun and for their challenging personality, but it proves harmful for others.

There are lots of activities held on internet on daily basis. Hacking become a huge problem or a fear.

To prevent from malicious intention of hackers companies appoints ethical hackers. They test their systems or hack the system by their permission to find out the weak points, threats and vulnerabilities on which hackers can attacks.

Are you know a Jeweller hire professional thieves to act a robbery on his own shop to find out the weak points or vulnerability, ethical hacking is just like that companies hire ethical hackers to hack their systems and websites and when they find the loop holes, they report to authorities and fix it.

Ethical hackers also use techniques, which is used by black hat hackers but they have good intention.

Ethical hackers follow the organizational rules, don’t break the privacy policies and keep all information safe.

EC Council is trusted organization in the industry who certified the ethical hackers. A certified ethical hacker have a great scope and in high demand.

Difference between White hat and Black hat hackers:

1 White hat hackers have authority by company to access the system rather black hat hacker don’t have legal authority.

2 The intention of white hat hacker is to find & fix the vulnerability rather black hat hackers find & exploit the possible vulnerabilities.

3 White hat hackers work as an employee of company rather black hat hackers are unknown to companies, they only hack their site for fun or personal profit.

4 White hat hackers are saviour rather Black hat hackers are attacker.

Skills you need to be an Ethical hacker:

You must be a programmer: Programming language is the basis of hacking. The languages which is used by hackers are Python, SQL ( Structured Query Language), C and C++ language, JAVA, JAVA Script, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Lisp, Bash, Assembly, Scheme, Lua, Html, etc. It is not important that you must know all the languages to be a hacker.

Challenging personality: A hacker goes through lots of challenges daily, so a hacker should take challenges as opportunities.

Effective & Creative: Hacking world is dynamic and hackers find out the new ways. So an ethical hacker should have broad minded who think faster than opposite side to avoid them.

Certification: At last the study background of a hacker. It is not important that you should be a BCA student in your past or had computer science study rather if you want to be an ethical hacker you can start at anytime. You need to learn programming and other aspects.
Most important a hacker’s value increases when he certified by EC Counsil and other industry also have other certificates.

Further scope in hacking industry:

There are high requirement of ethical hackers in jewellery industry, financial industries and at government agencies.

In a study we got that there are 300000 hackers we needed every year but only 77000 available, so you can see ration is very low. And i think you know the rule of economy ‘if the demand is high, rate increases’. Companies are ready to pay higher salaries to professional hackers.

Do you know? A hacker can hack our car, washing machine, toaster, and all that gadgets which are wireless or connected by Wi-Fi. Wow! This sound amazing but at same time this grab us in fear of insecurity. There are very high demands of ethical hackers in further years.

Do you know? The Cosmos Bank is the victim of hacking. In Pune Black hat hackers hack the website of bank and steal all the data of credit cards and Rupay cards. This robbery is of 94 crores, can you believe a person who is not physically there, can steal such a high amount.

Do you know? Our countries enemies also use hacking techniques to break our defence system.

The demand of ethical hackers continuously growing in parallel speed of increasing statistics of cyber crimes.

I will not say a ethical hacker earns 200000 or 300000 easily, it all depends on your skills. In industry we can see the hackers who earn 40000 and also who earns 400000 but a hacker can easily got 3.5 – 4 lack per annum package anywhere.

There are many different posts in hacking world like Computer hacking forensic investigator, Application pen tester, Security operations centre analyst, penetration tester, Security architect, etc. Each job carries different work and have different salary package.

Basically a ethical hacker have a bright future and have a lots of work opportunities and with the increasing experience their salary increases to 60,000,00 to 70,000,00 per year.

Best of luck! For all the students who want to be an ethical hacker, they are on right way. Keep it up.

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