What does LinkedIn Recommends to Share during Coronavirus Lockdowns?

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The activity on LinkedIn increases during coronavirus lockdowns, the private organizations have come up with few tips on what businesses should share in pandemic period.

From past couple of months people are taking more interest in reading the content on social media platform especially LinkedIn more about coronavirus and covid 19. These are the 2 topics that are currently trending on the internet because the virus has spread like anything all around the world. None of the country has been left behind from these crises of Covid 19. The number of article about the coronavirus has increased 19 times on LinkedIn from 01-February-2020 till 28-Mar-2020

So far the biggest topics on LinkedIn comprises of:

  • Remote working
  • Social distancing
  • Disaster Management
  • Business Continuity
  • Online Learning
  • Collaboration etc.

Since remote working was the most searching topics in month of February in LinkedIn platform therefore they have commended sharing and posting your experience on Lockdowns.

Share your Experience: LinkedIn suggests sharing your personal stories to inspire and assists others who are going through same situations. You can answer the questions like how was your first day working from home with your clients and colleague. Discussing your friends about your new work day looks like. Coming up with these answers can help and motivate others to work from home till the time of lockdown in the country.  Share your video conferencing call taken place at your comfort zone which normally held in offices as personal meeting. These kinds of experience motivate and help people to work from home. At the same time you can ask others to share their experiences in LinkedIn platforms and how to boost team morale at the time COVID 19?

Discover and comment on relevant conversations: LinkedIn suggests people to search using hashtags to search information’s and conversations held on topics that are realistic, interesting and fascinating to you. Let’s understand this with one small example: you can search #socialdistancing and you could find all the relevant post and sharing that has social distancing in their article. You can read, share, comment on the give article which you like it. You can also join the conversation for the trendiest topics by searching hashtag and clicking the follow button.

Be Yourself: It is not mandatory to post only about your work related topics. In facts some of the most effective post driven by the experts who discuss topics like

  • Lessened learned in their personal lives
  • Showing gratitude towards the team
  • Sharing few words on encouragement
  • Building their willpower
  • Spreading kindness
  • Spending time from home with family

This key point is to be genuine and show what actually you are rather than the fake personality that most of the people carry in the offices in front of their seniors.

Share your thoughts on new stories: Staying informed and updating the latest news from the most trusted source is the other way to boost conversation and build strong connectivity in LinkedIn community. There are number of organization that provides reliable and trusted sources among viewers during the pandemic period such as world health organization, Centers for Disease control & prevention. Even an authorized ministers and governments are taking initiatives to help people to take the preventives and precautions by staying at home and be safe. 

Still Confused: If you are still confused what to post on LinkedIn during these crises than don’t worry there are other people who have faced the same challenges. There are many people who have faced the coronavirus and came well at home after fighting with this virus through their willpower. So never let yourself down in any situation whether it is a COVID 19 or any such situations. However show must go on by staying at home, spending time with family also showing some dedication toward the work sitting at the comfort zone. Thus let’s follow this rule by staying at home and be secured!

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