Top 5 Tips To Improve Email Marketing Strategies In 2020

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Email marketing is mainly known for its best return on investment among all small and medium business in the industry. But there so many brands sending out email on a regular basis which becomes challenging to determine how to create a diverse tactics that enhance the consistent results. So we have come up with the top 5 tips to improvise the email marketing strategies in 2020:

Target Your Potential Audience:  In this case you need to understand your prospective audience as per the consumer’s age, gender, location, taste and preferences. These days you have to understand your audience before sending the email blindly to all your subscribers.  Your need to divide your audience according to demographics, preferences in your brand, and the way they actually interacted with the content. When organizations received the enquiry or subscription request, you need to analyze your subscribers and determine which segment they belong to.

Here are few ways that can divide your segment:

  • Job Titles
  • Locations
  • Demographics
  • Gender
  • Salary Range
  • Brand Credibility
  • Content Engagement
  • New v/s Old Consumers
  • Social Media Audience

This segmentation helps a lot to understand your audience prospective and make use of email automation tool that will give you the analytics. One can even get the data through details form filling through website.

A/B Testing:  There are no specific strategies in marketing since marketers have to come up with the new tactics and sometimes even old tactics with new goals. In email marketing, A/B testing is very crucial because it helps us to understand what works better and what need real improvisation.  It also helps to reach your audience personally as per their requirement. Sometimes even a email format makes a big difference.

There are variations to go for A/B Testing in your email campaigns:

  • Implement diverse subject lines with the similar email content
  • Go for different calls to action
  • Make intelligent variants in the text
  • Make use of effective News Letter Template
  • Shoot the newsletter on different time slot
  • When you send to your distinctive subscriber’s lists, the reports are easy to monitor.

There should be at least 10% – 20% determination in click and open rates. According to that the marketers can make the further plan.

Personalization:  This means that the content that you are curating on email template should be as per the subscriber’s requirement. You can design the email with more information content and also you can add few promotional things that can make your email interesting, informative and more on interactive. So keep this point while shooting email to your audience.

Stay on Brand: There are end number of email received each day in everyone inbox. To stay away from other you have to stick to your brands. In this case content and email go hand in hand. Your brand need to be memorable but in consumers face but in email content. You should definitely make use of company logo, colour and fonts so that people can recognize your brand by just viewing your email.

  • You can share your consumer’s stories and their feedback
  • Company testimonials and reviews
  • Brand story and Product launched
  • Include seasonal launching, customer support and so on.

Make Use of Call To Action: This is another important aspect that you have to place in your email content. This will help your users to stay connected more and drive traffic to your website. This is the best source to generate traffic, leads and convert them into the conversion.  Try to implement these above tactics in your email marketing and make the year flourishing for your business 2020.

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