Role of Native Advertising in Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

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At present, consumer’s priorities are changing swiftly as the world faces an exceptional healthcare crisis. Audience needs and requirement is very crucial than ever thus brand must think wisely about how to engage with users in a responsive manner.  This not only helps the business to increase the growth but also creates brand credibility among customers. Throughout the day, we all see content in website, blog, news channel, television shows, social media platforms etc. This content plays the role of native advertising and thus it becomes bit challenging in the industry.

Promoters need to understand that in order to reach the potential audience, they need to have a presence on diverse platforms where users spend their maximum time. This is where native advertising comes into picture.

Native advertising is been in the industry from past couple of year but it is the most powerful and efficient than ever.  As per the research nearly 75% viewers personally identify the brand when they view the native ads.

Let check the role of native advertising in PPC marketing:

Question: Does Content Network Targeting is same as Native?

Answers: The answer is NO! Content marketing is a contextual based marketing where it targets the audience as per their demographics, locations, devices and buyers persona. It is also keywords based targeting that involves text ads that appears near diverse sort of content such as text, video, images.

But native advertising is not a contextual based targeting. However Google Ads permits content targeting in the Google display network. Just like content network, native ads are not based on the keywords or the keywords within the blog on the page but they are based on audience targeting.

What is native advertising?

Native advertising is a paid ad that compliments the form, texture and purpose of the content that appears on different platforms. The Advertisers controls and is responsible for executing the ad.

It doesn’t look like banners ads or display ads but it seems like a part of the editorial flow of the webpage.

Let’s understand with small example: Native ads might be displayed within an article consumers are reading on their preferred online platforms or in social media channels feed. It doesn’t cost any disruption and it consists more contextual than display banner ads.

As per Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), there are six sorts of native advertising:

  • In Paid search ads it appears at the top of and seems like a part of Google search results.
  • In-feed placements it looks straight in the blog post or article.
  • Suggested widgets appear on a publisher’s website and on its partners sites related to the content.
  • In-Ads – Native advertising components seems like normal ads but they are contextually appropriate to the website on which users like to browse the content.
  • In Custom Ads – it seems within the app interface such as new filters in instagram or snapchat
  • Paid listings also stated as sponsored content and it is made to fit flawlessly into the browsing experience.

Questions: Is Every Native Advertising is Programmatic?

Answers: Not all native advertising is programmatic but some are. So it depends upon the situation.

Programmatic is an automatic method to purchase the marketing placements.

Programmatic advertising uses actual methods, rules, and algorithms to computerize either targeted placements or creative experiences.

Programmatic native ads add more value by enhancing machine learning and contextual content to modify the ads by placing them at the precise location to reach the potential users at the right time.

Questions:  Does Google Display Native Advertising?

Yes, Google display and video 360 have native creative formats that can be incorporated in a display campaign.

The native creative can aim:

  • App installs from Google Play or Apple App Store
  • Site creative in square or rectangular display format
  • Video need to be similar to site creative, but uses video instead of an image.
  • The native creative is created on a package of resources and can comprise the following modules such as an image or video, headline, body text, call to action, logo or advertiser name.

Thus role of native advertising has developed its popularity because of its strong bonding with consumers and its ability to connect brands to users proficiently.

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