How To Avoid Spam Filters While Shooting New Email Campaign?

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Everyone receives and sends email on a daily basis and some mail comes in spam filters. There are number of reasons why email move to spam filters.   Let’s get into detail of how to avoid spam filters while sending new email campaign.

There are number of factors that are responsible in email marketing that turn our email to go in spam filter such as:

Technical Issues: There are certain technicalities that works behind the email campaign and work as per the algorithms. This software is the one that verify your email and if everything goes well than the email get transferred into your mail boxes. The software scan your entire mail, read the entire information mentioned in the body, subject line and what motive it has to be send to the recipient.  Thus the subscribers won’t be able to see through their naked eyes because software has done their work.

Use Static IPs: Static IP is an address to which only one can access and it is the safe side for email advertisers. When using a dynamic IP than there is no assurerity of safety and its reputation. Thus the reputation is low and the chances of marking in spam are more. Thus using a static IP not only helps to maintain a safe side but also boost good reputation while sending an email to the subscribers. Reputation plays a crucial role in email marketing. It means you should know how frequency you are shooting an email to the particular subscribers. You need to check the quality of content that you mention in email along with promotional context.  Last but not the least you need to check your IP, sender reputation, email campaign performance and bounce rate.

Warm-up Your Email Account: If you have recently created your email account than you should try to complete all the details properly so that it should not look fake account. When you start sending an email; start with 4 or 5 recipients initially and make sure those email should be opened. This will build the reputation and confidence to shoot bulk email campaign.

Check your Email Subscribers lists: Before shooting an email you need to add your email subscribers in your account. So before adding these subscribers directly into the account make sure to verify the email twice so that mail should not get bounced or unverified. You can even add tag to your email subscribers and can divide them into the segments.

How to write emails: There is no specific method to write email content. As a promoter you should understand your audience behavior and preferences. According to their needs and requirements you should curate mails. The content has to be precise, informative and interesting that connect large audience. Try to add pointers in the mails. You can even add link, contact number or official email address so that audience can reach your through these hints. There should be maximum 80% informative content and 20% of promotional content that makes your content value more. Select the best theme that could be easy to edit and add the new things to it. Avoid using discounts, offers or sale in subject line.

Keep the eye on report: Every email marketing panel has a report that defines your audience behavior and your email performance. So keep a track on it and try to improvise every time you shoot the emails. It helps you to monitor the performance, open rates, bounce rates, clicks, recipients email, and location and so on. Sound great! So next time whenever you are planning to shoot email make sure to keep the above point in your plan and shoot it wisely without violating any algorithms.

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