What are the Top 7 SEO Hacks to Rank Top in 2020?

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Are you still struggling to enter into the search network? Wondering which keywords need to be selected and how it works to get the business on Google. Well, SEO is the only solution for all your questions. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is one of the finest techniques that help your business to stay on top of the search engine result pages and hold the position for the longer period of time. Sounds Great! But it requires lots of efforts, Proper SEO techniques without violating Google Algorithm can help you to be in search.

Let’s check the list of Top 7 SEO Hacks that facilitate your business to rank top in 2020:

Learn the concept of SEO: No doubt, the work can be done through Freelancers and with the help of agency but it is very important that before assigning the job to any of the company one should know how it works. To learn the concept of search engine optimization, you need to search reputed institute that can give you the best hands-on understanding and training about SEO in the proper format. TechLibrary.org is one of the profound digital marketing institutes that offer different courses for learners in diverse centers. The best part is they provide with live training which can be easy to learn and understand practically through their experts. They make you to understand what is SEO, how it works, what are its types, how to do keyword research and how does the result come on top. Finally they also teach you to analyze those results through search console tool. So they provide all in one solutions under one roof.

Website development & designing:  Website development and designing is very crucial when it comes to optimizing the site. It has to be developed in a most appropriate manner so that it can help your advertisers to understand and work effectively as SEO prospective.  They should not involve, flash, too many heavy banners, images, videos and unwanted plugins that can reduce the loading time. They have to focus more on website design, speed time, mobility and compatibility with other devices. Website has to be creative, simple, trendy as well as load speed time should be less.

Curate Original & Unique Content:  Original and unique writing are the sole of your business. Thus it is necessary to use to copy escape content that can help you to survive on search networks. It involves creativity, information about brand, product, services and keywords. There should be variations in content with more on generic and secondary based keywords.

Keyword Research: Before jumping in keyword research, one should understand their business prospects and then they should jump in to the keywords. Make use of keyword Planner tool which helps to plan keywords as per the business criteria and utilize accordingly.  Use different tricks to search, use broad phrase keywords, exact match keywords, location based keywords. Select the one that works better.

Focus on On-Page Activities: On-Page optimization means to work on your own website as much as one can. Concentrate more in on-page optimization such as Meta title, description, image tag, H1 tag, URL optimization, content etc. Focus each and every aspect in On-Page to optimize the site in a precise manner.  In SEO each and every Page of a website need to optimized from head to toe. After completing the on-page than jump in the other factor that is off-page.

Work on Off Page Activities: This is more about working in other reputed sites where advertisers promotes their business website in other sites. It involves number of submissions such as Article submissions, Press Release, classifieds; Bog commenting, Guest Posting etc. This will help you to generate quality backlinks and traffic towards your business.

Make use of social platforms: You should also include social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube to share the business ideas and concept. It reaches targeted audiences who pay more attention towards the social media.

Conclusions: SEO works on the few key factors, the one understands of your business, proper keyword research and original content. These 3 elements are the co-related component that cannot be neglected and rest promoters can manage as per their strategies.

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