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Nokia‘s latest smart phone 701 is the new entrant in the smartphone segment in India. Touted as the world’s brightest display/ screen at 1000 NITs (NIT is a non-SI term/unit for luminance, coming from the Latin word ’nitere’, which means ’to shine’), this brightest smartphone stands tall amongst the other brands and in true sense of the word, this Nokia offing is really a very ‘smart’ smart phone.  Coupled with Amoled screen and clear black display, this smartphone also packs in the latest and the newest operating system from the Symbian stable – what is popularly known as Symbian Belle.

Nokia has introduced a slew of smartphones in India this festive season.  All of them are in the smartphone segment and each is different from the other in terms of specifications. The latest smartphone offings from Nokia are Nokia 701, Nokia 700 and Nokia 600. To be soon followed will be another smartphone which is Nokia 603. All of these smartphones are in compliance with Nokia’s new device nomenclature system that was introduced in the last quarter, runs on the latest Symbian platform featuring Symbian Belle and powered by 1 GHz processor providing improved and smoother internet experience with a new browser, blazing fast downloads, faster application launch or startup and seamless multi tasking capability. To top it all, it comes with Near Field Communication technology (NFC) as standard in all the latest smartphones. Enter into the world of NFC with these smart devices where one can share photos, videos and music, pair with new smartphones to play multiplayer gaming, pair to connect to NFC enabled Bluetooth devices or accessing new levels in Angry Birds – all one has to do is just a tap with NFC – to be precise, by tapping two NFC enabled phones or devices together.

The latest version of the Symbian operating system – Symbian Belle which is the platform serving the newly introduced Smartphones. In fact, Symbian Belle has debuted with the three new smartphones (701, 700 and 600). There are massive new things that the all new Symbian Belle dispenses. Here’s a low down on the key new features that Symbian Belle dishes out:

Pull Down Notification

Notifications like new emails and new text messages can be found from one place by just swiping down the pull down menu. When you swipe down, a Status panel appears smoothly from the top.  From the Status panel or the pull down menu, you can find the network settings and can easily switch network radios on and off or put the ringtone to silent. This pull down notifications can be accessed anytime and from every application and/ or across home screens.

Six Homescreens

This new version brings in enhanced improvements to the home screen as well. One gets four homescreens straight out of the box with customization to add up to two more homescreens. Hence, Symbian Belle packs in six home screens empowering the consumer to add widgets and shortcuts.

Flexi Widgets

The consumers can drag and drop a widget or a shortcut anywhere on the home screen. Hence, the customization quotient is very high with the ability to drag, drop and move the shortcuts across the homesreens – this is quite amazing – frankly an uber cool thing! The new all improved email widget on the home screen is worth mentioning as well as one can scroll down multiple mails at a glance. That’s not all; you have live widgets in varied sizes – in 5 different sizes.

Flat Menu Structure

The hierarchy has been made flat so all the relevant tasks are close to you – not inside different folder structures. In other words, the main menu is now flat – one has to vertically scroll down to access the contents of the menu and all the menu contents are placed on the same screen and not placed in any more folders. However, there is an option to create folder and there is search icon placed on the Menu – to assist in searching an application or service.

All new Browser

A true browsing experience with HTML5, intuitive search, fast opening, scrolling and zooming. What impresses the most is the tabbed browsing capability giving the end consumer a real desktop like experience.

More Informative Lock Screen

The Belle Lock screen has been given a face lift as well featuring a comprehensive information points when the screen is in the locked state. A mere glance at the locked screen dispenses more information points such as the missed event notifications such as missed call alert, unread SMS notification, calendar entries and even alarms.

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