Top 10 High Tech Vehicles in the World

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First there are cars and then there are supercars. No really! There’s no doubt that auto enthusiasts are fascinated about technology—but there are some cars in the market, which have turned this enthusiasm into an exhilarating madness. There’s of course a market for this madness. It is not for no reason that the Audis, the Ferraris and the Koenigseggs of this world are relentlessly working on making their mean machines even more unreal by the day.

Believe it or not, there are cars that do not reach their top speeds during their lifetime because it is practically impossible to generate ideal conditions for the speed they can generate. There are car with artificial intelligence, disappearing car doors, wall climbing cars, heck there are even cars that can run on coffee. Enough can never be said about technology advancement in cars, you have to see them to believe. Here are some of the latest that come straight out of Hollywood movies.

Balloon Car: Car freaks in Europe got to see this little wonder in February 2005. This all terrain vehicle has the looks of a Martian craft and can fly at a few feet above ground when required. That’s not all. It is also capable of sailing through water, as long it’s not too turbulent. It has six balloon wheels and is the perfect toy for the stinking rich.

MDI Compressed Air Car: A few years back it was impossible to believe that compressed air could propel a car. Moteur Development International however broke all norms coming up with this lightweight vehicle made of fiberglass that could travel at a speed of 136 MPH using just compressed air. Displays were changed overnight from speed gauges to computer screens and it also became possible to integrate cell-phone and GPS tracking systems into the control panel. What’s more? It came with a price tag of $8,818 for the MiniCat model and $12,109 for the CityCat model.

Aptera 2 Series: The Aptera 2 Series is a highly efficient three-wheeled passenger vehicle designed by Aptera Motors. It is a battery electric vehicle (BEV) that can accelerate from 0-60 MPH in just 10 seconds. It is currently in production and it is estimated that it will be one of the most energy efficient cars ever built. The three-tire design is a unique feature that promises to make the car agile and stable. With features like efficiency meters, smart phone connectivity, rear vision system, solar assisted climate control system, front impact zones, and side impact beams the car is sure to set the market on fire.

Chimera All-Terrain Vehicle: The Chimera is an ATV designed by Atair Aerospace, and is meant for military activities. It has a wingspan of 100 feet, a 100-horespower-hybrid electric motor, and is extremely stable in sea, in land, as well as in air. Unfortunately, there are no retail outlets for this stunner and can be obtained only through the military.

Badokadonk Personal Tank: Now this is something that is unique. If you’re really worried about safety this is your car. It is a perfect way to cross those interstate borders and those interstellar deserts. The Badokadonk Personal Tank is available for a starting price of $20,000 and can be fitted with accessories like sound systems and neon lights. It cannot be shipped though; this giant weighs 1100 Pounds and no less.

Volkswagon Viseo: Viseo is a futuristic concept car with a three-seat layout, a detachable rear luggage compartment that can be converted into a trolley, and a glass surface covered with OLED film. It is an electric car that produces zero carbon emissions. The look and feel of the car totally negates the idea that environmentally friendly cars cannot look sleek. Volkswagon is yet to bring this stunner into production and so its performance is still an unknown factor.

Subeo Aquarius: This ground breaking wonder creation is a recreational underwater submersible vehicle. Subeo has now improved on its previous model Gemini to come up with Aquarius. Aquarius can accommodate three people, uses nickel sodium batteries, can move at a speed of 7 knots, and can go down to a depth of about 330 Feet. Its life support system consists of oxygen flasks that are enough to keep 2 people underwater for about 30 days. It is a streamlined craft that uses integral buoyancy tanks and needs almost no maintenance.

Gold-Plated Porsche: Yeah, you’ve guessed correctly! Indeed, every part of this limited edition Porsche, starting from the door handles to the tire rims and the engine parts, is made out of 22 Carat Gold. It is anybody’s guess that this car is meant only for people, who probably have pets that are millionaires.

Rinspeed Splash: This Swiss future car is the fastest hydrofoil vehicle in the world. It has a 160 Horsepower dual cylinder engine that can shoot up to 60 MPH in just 5.9 Seconds and can cruise on water at about 45 Knots. With its ultra light carbon composite body it’s a real fun toy. You’ll be amazed to see this car bump up and fly at a height of 60 cms.

Tesla Roadster: This is an eye candy. But, it’s much more than a jazzy sports car. It’s a battery electric vehicle that uses lithium ion batteries and can run for a neat 235 miles every time it is charged. It has a 3-phase electric motor that can generate power in the range of 248 HP. It also does a 0-60 MPH in just 3.7 Seconds. It is priced at a modest $100,000 and is a good option for many, who can afford that money.

The list of course doesn’t end here. The auto industry is in a technology rush, and the rate at which these cars are metamorphosing into vehicles from the future, it will soon give the video-game makers a run for their money!

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