Google Analytics Certification Course

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Minding the data and drafting reports were never easy for a manager. A well-said line “Data is the new oil” finds its relevance with the best friend for every business, Google Analytics. This web analytics service offered by Google allows a business to collect, organize, manage and curate statistical quantitative data to analyze marketing campaign outcomes. Though most of the works in the platform are done on itself, maintaining an eye on the platform, and developing a crucial understanding on the reports needs human intervention and so the need for Google certified analytics specials arises.

TechLibrary, one of the leading digital marketing institutes offers a range of advanced Google certification courses include a complete learning profile for Google Analytics.

Benefits of Google Analytics certification with TechLibrary

The demand for skilled and experienced professionals to handle bulk and important business data is never out of trend. The difference now is that professional now use a tool given by Google, being the mother of all search engines. The major benefits that you can leverage by getting certified in Google Analytics include,

  1. Enhance Your Competency:  Opting for a certification course for Google Analytics with TechLibrary enhances your data management skills and makes you more competent to handle corporate projects. Once started you can go on gaining experience working on more and more projects that helps in you in the long run of your career.
  2. Gain an Edge on Competitors: The best tangible benefit that you get from an Analytics certification course is that you can proudly produce the certificate to any of recruiters enhancing your chances of getting hired. TechLibrary, being directly associated with Google, helps you learn and get certified with the latest trends and techniques in Google Analytics.
  3. Improve Your Prospects: There are always some secret tips and tactics that you cannot learn on your own. Expert and experienced professionals at TechLibrary ensures you become a pro in Analytics and framing best strategies for businesses that shows measurable ROI.

Scope for Analytics specialists

Specialists in Google Analytics are among the most needed job position for many businesses across the globe. There is a considerable hike in hiring analytics specialist by 23% in the past 3 years. The average salary is projected to 5 Lakh rupees per annum as per industry standards by 2020.

Know why TechLibrary

TechLibrary is the leaders in guiding novices and professionals through advanced Google Analytics certification course backed up with hands-on experience workshops and programs.  We have successfully placed more than 3500 students in reputed companies with a promising future ahead of them as they gain industry experience. The best perks that you gain from us include,

  • Flexible course schedule designed for students, engineers and entrepreneurs based on the Learning Management System.
  • Most interactive classroom experience with direct guidance from intellectual and experienced mentors.
  • One year query support since the time you enroll keeping problem-solving opportunities open for 24/7.
  • Direct connection with Google making us deliver you the latest course topics and trending techniques along with insights for future development.
  • Best placement support guaranteed. Complete guidance for cracking major opportunities that comes through the learning path.

In the long run of the competition, it would not be wise enough to miss out a second. To get the best guidance for cracking Google certification courses by best grades, contact us immediately and avail the best learning experience.

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