The most important social media marketing tools in 2019

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The rise of social media users has turned the tables for marketers. Unless you are generating content regularly, you will not be able to garners the interest of social media users and possible potential customers. To be an expert in social media all it takes is to understand what your audiences need and strategize it accordingly. While not everybody will be able to get that right in the first few attempts, it takes lot of efforts and time which has to be spent on what your audience desires.

The overall popularity of social media globally can be inferred by the numbers which go by: 42% of the total population worldwide is active social media users, and a whopping 68% people of the 3.2 billion active users are Facebook users.  That’s the power of social media! These figures prove it that entire social media is a platform that cannot be ignored at all. With such an amazingly dedicated audience, it sure is difficult to manage your social media accounts. Here are a few tools which have come to your rescue.

Let’s have a look at these top 7 helpful tools that you might want to use to ease your social media frenzy.


Finding it difficult to manage all your social media accounts? Hootsuite is here to make your work easier. It manages, schedules your entire social content under one roof. It was created in the year 2008 and has become very popular in marketplace. Although at first, one might find it difficult to learn Hootsuite, but over time and practice this will be very productive for you and will allow you to focus on other strategies since it saves time for you.

Sprout Social

It allows you to manage all your social media profiles.  It’s extremely user friendly and was crafted to specially assist small businesses. What’s best with sprout social?! It comes in with a 30 day free trial package. You surely might want to consider working on sprout.


For somebody who does not understand graphics much Canva is the right place to come to. With its user friendly interface you get to create professional creatives without fussing about anything. It gives us the liberty to choose from its wide range of in built templates, also allows us to custom design our creatives.


Buffer is here to assist you in posting your content easily on social networking sites.  You can schedule your posts at the same time it does it automatically also. Buffer allows you to work together and add upto 25 team members.


It is designed to view your content on mobile phones as well as big screens. Key features of Tagboard are that it gives real time notifications and easy social network monitoring. A unique feature, Tagboard Live tool allows you to customize your display and even see your posts live on screen.

Post Planner

Founded in 2011, Post Planner is a budget friendly marketing tool and one of the best tools for people who have to manage multiple pages. It promises a two fold increase in engagement on social media with its engaging content.


A huge clientele demands a lot of careful assessment of all the work. Sendible promises to lessen your workload and make your work much easier. Its pre designed templates will save your time on making media reports. You can also prioritize replies to your audiences with its social media listening tool. Sendible comes with a unique feature of sending and scheduling individual as well as bulk posts. You can easily arrange your social media campaigns.

These are a couple of social media management tools which make your work a breeze! All these tools will make your work much easy with their handy features. Use these tools to have better results and focus on other important tasks like lead generation and sales.

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