Why Bloggers should Keep Their Focus on Content Marketing as a career?

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Before we begin lets understand some important terms.

Blog- A web page or a website which is updated regularly and that is either run by an individual or small group is called a blog. Posts which are updated are always in the reverse chronological order; the most recent posts are seen at the top.

Blogger- A person who publishes articles on the web page is called a blogger. There can be fashion bloggers who gives us tips on the latest styling rules or a trek enthusiast who will write about his or her trekking experiences.

Content Marketing- It is a type of marketing which triggers mere interest in a particular product or service through sharing of videos, blogs and social media posts.

Is Blogging the Foundation to Content Marketing?

Content Marketing was introduced to the world through blogging which is why blogging is considered as a great start to content marketing. Blogging does not create awareness about the product/service, whereas content marketing does create awareness in fact it make a mere customer into a potential customer. Blog posts do attract attention, but content marketing has solutions for their defined audiences.

Bloggers do not go beyond sharing their experiences, whereas content marketers entice the reader in becoming a buyer. If we closely study the work content marketers do, one can find similarities between a bloggers work and a content marketer’s work. A blogger does make decent money out of blogging but a content marketer gets a job security and an annual pay. Of course some people do not do blogging just for the sake of money; it is more off their passion that makes them share their experiences with people who have common interests. It’s not the same with content marketers; they put in all their creativity in writing for social media platforms and various other content marketing channels.

For those of you who want to move on from their passion and are looking out for something more professional, content marketing can be a prospect career. It is commonly said that content marketing is an umbrella term for blogging. Once you learn the technicalities of content marketing it will all be a cake walk to produce content worth it.

Blogging and Content Marketing both to come extent require creativity and uniqueness, the more engaging the content, more are the chances of people having a look at it at least once. But the shift from a blogger to a content marketer may not be a breeze. Individuals have to first gain knowledge about what their product/service is all about, this will give them a proper understanding of their target audience. First and foremost rule of working as a content market is to try and connect with your potential customers, put yourselves in your customers shoes and then figure out will your strategy or idea generate awareness about your product/service?

A blogger turned content marketer should be aware that they are no longer working out of their passion but as a thorough professional which means they have to spend in double the time in making content. They should ensure that their content has to be engaging and not just a mere common tactic to grab attention of potential audiences. Tricky names and difficult words used in your content will make the reader hesitant of sharing or talking about it with their peers.  Easy to read content yet creative content is all that it takes to be a content marketer.

Content marketing as a profession has gone far and beyond what people had envisioned it to be like five years ago. Customers don’t have enough time; they just look up on the web, research and make a quick decision of either buying your product or not buying your product at all. This is the time of cut throat competition, if you are creative and unique in your ways you sure will get the attention of your audiences and not just attention you will witness better results for sure.

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