Google Display Advertising: The New Age Advertising is Right Here!

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Google Display Advertising forms the biggest contextual advertising network and millions of advertisers and marketers are choosing this platform to display their advertisement in multiple formats. With Google Display Network Targeting, it enables your business to reach multitude audiences going beyond the geographical limitations of boundaries. Reaching a whopping percentage of 92% of all internet users and accounting to 20% of all AdWords traffic, Google Display Advertising sets new records for the world to see.

With future possibilities, such a potential online advertising platform sees itself in a greater expansion. The convenient and profiting feature of displaying your business to relevant audiences you are targeting for is something that has been making Google Display Advertising so popular amongst marketers worldwide. Paving way for an uprising digitized world, such a lucrative platform for advertisers becomes the greatest ammunition of online marketing.

Since the nature of Google Display Advertising is contextual, there are a variety of formats available which makes it even more remunerative.

TEXT ADS: Google Display advertising allows text ads on display and consisting of two lines in a text with a headline, it permits advertisers to formulate a range of advertisements and test which one is generating maximum clicks.

IMAGE ADS: Filling out the entire ad block on the website in which it shows with a static image, image ads on Google Display Advertising includes custom imagery, layouts, and background colors.

RICH MEDIA ADS: Including interactive elements, animations, and other aspects, Rich Media Ads on Google Display Advertising is profoundly interactive and has proven effective in generating the maximum number of clicks.

VIDEO ADS: Since the official registration of YouTube happened on the Google Display Advertising

Network, the massive popularity of video ads is simply incredible.

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