Why Content Plays a Crucial Role in Digital Marketing?

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Content is one of the important factors that helps Traditional & digital style of marketing to promote their respective product and services in different manner. In short it’s a brand story that narrates through different digital channels and other offline medium. And one thing is sure without Content nothing can work more efficiently and dynamically to present your work in front of respective audience.

It is the process of creating, publishing and optimizing the relevant content, which can attract more readers and retain them by giving best information they seek and helps the most in branding, increasing leads for your website.

What is content?

Content is the form of writing stuff that is been displayed on a website, blogs, articles, social media platforms, newsletter, case studies, memes and so on. Let’s dive into small varieties of content that normally People create to deliver their activities:

Video content: This style of content is in the form of video which delivered the scripts through visuals and audio is delivered respectively. People like video content because visual content are more attracting than the normal textual content.

Blogs & Articles: Blog and Articles are the other form of writing that describes more about the story of your brand in textual manner. This style is more used in website or newsletter to promote.

White papers: This style of writing is something more informative and usually used to promote industrial products and brands.

Case Studies: This style of marketing helps the businesses to come in front of audience and showcase the portfolios of our clients in front of our potential audience.

Info graphics: This is a pack of information in a single photo by explaining relevant content in flow of charts, graphs, collective points, etc. This is very attractive form because visual attracts more than text and people can grab more information in less time.

Why content marketing is important?

Content marketing not only helps to promote the brand but it also enhances the product value in front of prospective audiences. It also holds a good career option since there is a wide scope for writer who loves to explore their skills and creativity in the form of writing. It’s a never ending process for every industry that is searching for writers for their business. Few Months back I have joined TechLibrary Digital Marketing institute in Thane and acquire number of things about digital that helps me to utilize those skills in my organization.

I have recently certified the content marketing certification by Hubspot Academy at TechLibrary.  This is the certificate you can get once you clear your content marketing exam.

Hubspot Content Marketing Certification Certificate

Content marketing requires less investment as compare to inbound marketing, TV advertisements and other ways of marketing. It gives best results because of its informative and interesting formation. There are various reasons of its importance.

Helpful in Establish relationship with customers:

In this competitive market there are lots of similar products and it confuses the customers. And there mind creates a series of questions like which product is best, gives results, which brand is best, what are the reviews, etc. They search answer and a relation create if there queries solved after reading your content. Consumers believe in the reviews, positive feedbacks, testimonials and what people are actually surfing for. Thus content is the key that build your healthy connection with your audience.

Helps to Increase visibility & Ranking in SERP:

You all know SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is very important for ranking our website on Google search engines result pages. Keyword set up is best trick of SEO. And your ranking depends on how you using right keywords in content and apply them on right place. Content is very important to play with keywords to focus on a targeted audience.

Less investment than other and gives best results:

According to a survey content marketing consumes 1/3 of budget we spent on inbound marketing but gives best results than others way. People love content in fact a normal person spends 20 hours in a week in reading and watching contents.

Helpful in Brand building:

Trust is base of any Brand and great content is instrument in trust building towards your Brand. If the content you post is relevant and valuable to customers and solve their all queries then they build a positive opinion of Brand. They read and share your content regularly, leave positive comments and buy your products or services, overall content is your first step in Brand building, and without content it is impossible.

How to do Content Marketing

It sounds very easy and good but it is not. It is very complex process and need a strategy and framework. But we have some tricks which helps you in content marketing.

1 Storytelling is the best way :

Storytelling is the best way to create content. People also interested to read this. There are end numbers of website on internet and storytelling is the way to prove your-self unique. You can write about your experiences, how you achieve your goals, why you choose your stream, etc. It is best way to establish relationship with your readers. Use conflicts to create emotional appeal, be authentic and consistent and keep your story clear and concise to understand easily.

2 Clarify the ‘WHY’ term:

People are more interested to know that how your products and services are helpful for them. When Patanjali introduced their ‘aata noodles'(floor noodles) the why term is clear that Maggi is bad for your health consist lead and our product is pure and good for your health. So, the sale of their product boost in a short period. Keep in mind the golden circle, the main point of this golden circle is why then how and then what.

3 Build a Content creation framework:

It is good to organize a framework of your content creation and publishing and editing the content. You can make a excel sheet which signifies that who write the content, its publish date, time, due date of publishing a draft, responsible person, blog post title, the product highlighted by the particular post, editor name, status of pending content. This helps you to track your whole content and utilize your all sources and precious time.

4 Emphasise on content creation:

Most of ranked blogs on Google have a specific content which Google can easily track and people search for them. And one more thing Google ranks the website which is regularly update. There are some of content which are highly productive like
* List post which includes numbers such as 8 ways of brighten your skin or 10 white hat SEO techniques, etc.
* Blog start with How to.
* Product reviews.
* Comparison between two products or services.
* FAQ’s (common questions and their answers) list the most asked questions with their answers may prove very helpful to your readers.
* News jacking is also helpful for you, relate your topics with the trending festivals or season no matter on which topic you write.

5 Spread keywords in your content:

Keywords are the key to reach the target audience. When you write any content you have to use the relevant keywords and focus on two or three keywords, use them in headings, starting paragraph, in middle, in conclusion, in permalink, in alt text of your images, everywhere. Google shows your content in results after filter the keywords and keep in mind don’t try to use black hat SEO techniques google is smarter than you. If you copy others content or use wrong keywords Google panda and google pengiun can track your website and may penalize you.

You can ask if you have any question in comment section and join our digital marketing missions at TechLibrary.

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