Effective Guide to Efficient Brand Marketing for Businesses

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Branding is one step ahead of Marketing, basically it all depends on the product quality and services that is been preferred by the audiences. In short it’s brand credibility, customer’s positive feedback’s and loyalty after conversion. Branding is the level when customers purchase the product without any second among the other choices displayed on a table.

In this competitive market when every now and then new products are launched in the industry, you need to build a name & fame to sustain in the market for a long.

Products and services are recognised by their name, logo, packaging, slogan, etc. If the first experience of any customer is positive with your brand, they surely prefer it next time and advice their friends and family to buy your product. In a survey we got that 73% people make purchase on the basis of reviews given by their friends.

What is Brand?

The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, says: “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Brand is intangible assets of your organisation. It directly related to the brand value of your product in the market, it may be positive or negative.

Let’s understand with the small example:

There are certain day to day products which are consumed in our daily activities such as Colgate, name given to the toothpaste that is required more often. Whereas Dalda for the vegetable oil.

Now whenever Toothpaste is required at Home a mother asked her child to get a Colgate and list goes on. Brand value is in its name which cannot be replaced by newly launched product. But yes, flavours, preferences and taste can be changed.

There are few popular brand names, logo or packaging which is fixed in our customers mind with some positive or negative experiences. Those experiences help to understand which one is the good, best or excellent product to use.

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What is Brand Marketing?    

Brand marketing is a process of creating brand value in the market. In this process a company has to come up as a brand so that people should recognize their product in the market. Brand marketing’s main aim is to relate the product or services with brand name.

At this time where internet plays a wide role in marketing, company focuses on digital marketing to build their credibility. Customers also give preference to online platforms to buy things. They believe in the online ratings, reviews and feedback that normally company generates for their users from the respective buyers. After reading these thing people start buying the product online. Sometimes there are even negative ratings and reviews created by the competitors or rivals to spoil the brand name of the company. Thus be careful before making any final call to the product and services offered by the company only with the fake and foul comment about their product or services. However Digital marketing is one of the finest platforms that can help you to stand apart in the competition through its network.

If you give more attentions towards Brand marketing your product recognize by the brand and it seems different in range of varieties. When you have a brand you can save money which is spends on advertising. One can pay attention towards the improvisation of quality and quantity.

Process of marketing your Brand:

Keep Your Brand Name Short and easy to Pronounce: Better to keep your company name short and easy so that people can pronounce it easily and can remember for longer period of time like Bisleri, Swiggy, Zomato, Nobroker etc. These company names are known for a while now and it has good brand value.

Such names can stay longer and easily accepted with the audiences.

Logo, packaging and tagline must be attractive and relate with products or services:  At the same time design your company logo which should be attractive, captivating and catchy. Also Packaging of the material should be really good so that people should buy it more often. Last but not the least; try to enhance your company name with a small tag line.

Understand your buyer persona’s: One must research about the criteria they use before purchase anything. Some of people use a product to maintain their status and some prefer any product on the quality. You must analyze the persona of your target customers after that you can design your products or services as per their need.

Keep an eye on your competitors: No matter what you are, and how you want to come up in the market. Challenges and difficulties would be a part of the journey, So work smartly, wisely with all the challenges thrown by your competitors in the market to sustain.

Analyze your marketing strength: Is it very important to monitor your marketing strength and weakness after a certain period of time so that you should never keep a gap in any improvisation of product quality and services that you are offering.

Strength can make you to stay strong and weakness can make you to improve where you lacking in a race.

Market is dynamic, new things happens there on daily basis and you also get lots of Opportunities, you should be recognize and grab them. You must be always attentive and ready for utilize your opportunities.

Cope up with current technology and techniques: As the technology is evolving it is necessary to accept the change and stay with the updated digital platform such as social media, Google Ads etc. Must have a presence through website, blogs etc.

Sharing your intention and story with your customers: This help to interact with your audience and understand their perception as well. SO keep sharing and keep growing with your loved audiences.

Brand gives value to a simple word like a stone has no value but when it turns to a idol of god, it becomes priceless.

So keep in mind when you start your own entrepreneurship, you give more emphasis on brand development rather than earn a short time huge profit.

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