What All Tricks You Need To Know About Marketing Ads on Tik Tok App?

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The Buzz about the social media app Tik Tok is trending and millions of people are using this app to watch the videos every day. The app fascinates more than 750 million potentials users all across the globe and advertisers are curious to know how the Tik Tok Ads works. Is it possible to advertise on this platform as small businesses?

If you are planning to market on Tik Tok but don’t know where to begin, than we have covered everything that can help you to start with.  With the help of team we have done the research, and come up with the diverse features that can assist you to advertise on Tik Tok.

What is Tik Tok App?

It is one of the popular social media apps that allow viewers to create and view short videos along with the music and customize sound track. It is absolutely ideal for extensive use, while audience can simply scroll the videos as per their choices on Tik Tok.  According to your taste and preferences the videos would be shown in the app. It is exceptionally easy to use and create video for all age group people.

How to Use this App for Marketing?

Create a Profile:  The very first step in the app is to create a company profile, creating content and connecting with the audience. Make sure to create a content that not only helps to promote the brand but also tempt users. Most of the viewer’s avoid watching commercial ads on TikTok, thus it is very important for a brands to hold a grip that fascinate millions of eyeballs through the content.

Paid Ads: The ads that are shown on the app are paid ads, advertisers have to spend specific amount mentioned for the specific country. Paid ads come in different forms such as:

Pre roll ads: This type of ads performs before the viewer’s open the app to browse the video. They could view the complete ads without skipping those ads.

In-feed Ads: This type of ads appears when viewers’ start scrolling the video and they can skip the ads.

Promote Hashtag: The paid ads are allowing the marketers to make use of custom hashtags and create videos for promotions.

Brand Influence: Advertisers can make the video which has power to influence the audience through its creative content. They can make use of custom effects filter for creators to use in videos and bit similar to snapchat and instagram. They can feature brand specific information.

Work with Influencers:  There are number of start-ups and established brands that influence the audience and create the innovative content. This is something all sort of companies are doing to make their footprints in the apps. One think to note is, promoters cannot add clickable URLs in Tik TOK video captions and they cannot divert the direct traffic towards the website through the video. But one can generate traffic indirectly by uploading a diverse form of content that tempt users by watching videos. You can create informational, creative, humorous, entertaining, motivational videos to divert your viewers towards the website. You can add link in the bio or the video comment section. Use a branded hashtag that can help viewers to browse more about your videos. Hope the above tricks can help you to promote your business in this social media app.

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